“Crush On You” by Lil Kim & Lil Cease – A Classic Revisited

Crush On You Lil Kim and Lil Cease

There are very few posters that I remember vividly from my childhood. The first is the Michael Jackson poster I had hanging next to my bunk bed, the second was my first “Immature” poster that I hung up when I finally got my own room, and the third were the posters of Lil Kim spread eagle plastered ALL over creation when Hard Core came out. That’s some sht that sticks with you. Kimberly gave zero fcks. She was overtly sexual and dared folks to question her! Folks ate it up from day one. She was unlike anything we’d ever saw before and set trends for decades and decades to follow.

What’s so wild is that I wasn’t even allowed to have this album, yet to this day I’m still able to recite a good portion of it verbatim, and “Crush on You” was definitely my #1!, even though I had to low key whisper along or sneak and play it on my walkman when my parents weren’t paying attention. Now, as an adult I TOTALLY understand why it was not allowed, I mean, my young azz singing, “Aye yo shorty won’t you go get a bag of the lethal, I’ll be undressed in a bra all see through” at the age of 15 likely would be frowned upon. I was legit crushed (no pun intended) when my Uncle refused to play it at my Sweet Sixteen party… but I get it now.

You can’t talk about “Crush On You” without talking about the video and the fact that The Notorious B.I.G is on the hook. First the video, it’s iconic. All those colorful scenes set up to match her outfits! Often imitated, NEVER duplicated. There’s ladies out here in 2021 thinking that their blue, green, red hair is original… nah Sis, Kim was the originator, the O.G, the prototype! Period. And then there’s Biggie. There is not a soul that I know that does not sing along to this hook, “I know you seen me on the video (true), I know you heard me on the radio ( true), but you still don’t pay me no attention, listening to what your girlfriends mention…”. From there he turned into a slut, a hoe and a freak, and we still all sang right along and it was so good. R.I.P B.I.G.

There are actually two versions of this song, one with just Lil Cease and the one with Kim on it, featuring Cease A Leo. We all know the fan favorite. Her verses make it special, like “I’mma throw shade if I can’t get paid, blow you up to your girl like the army grenade…” When that part comes on best believe all the women listening are following it up with some escapades and marmalade, it’s a given. “Crush on You” will forever be my go to “I’m a rapper for 3 minutes” song. When you’re reciting Kim’s verses you turn into a whole sexy gangsta and can’t no one can tell you otherwise. So thank you to Lil Kim, Lil Cease and Biggie for providing us with a forever bop.

“Crush On You” was released in 1997 and featured on Lil Kim’s debut album, and the lone solo Lil Cease album.  Cam’ron later revealed that he was the ghostwriter for the Lil Cease verses on the song.

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