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Fans React After Chris Brown Shares Text Messages & VM After Alleged Rape Accusation

Chris Brown's Leaked VM & Text Messages

Fans react after Chris Brown shares text messages and voice mail leak in alleged rape case and needless to say, they want justice for their fav! Brown has had several cases of violence against women but this time seems to be different after new voicemail (VM) and text message evidence surfaced. Let’s give some backstory:

According to TMZ, a woman going by Jane Doe is suing Chris Brown for $20 million, accusing the singer of raping and drugging her on a yacht parked at Diddy’s Star Island home in Dec 2020.

As of March 8th, Chris Brown shared text messages and a voice mail, which were spread all over social media. The messages showed that Brown asked her to take a Plan B pill and shortly after Jane Doe told him he was “the best dick” she ever had via Rap Radar.

Fans are pressing media outlets and critics to have the same energy they did when the story first broke in December 2020.

We will update this story as it continues to unfold…


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