Foxy Brown Claps Back At Remy Ma Since Nicki Won’t, On “Breaks Over”

Foxy Brown breaks over
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Foxy Brown Breaks Over Makes Fun Of Remy Ma Miscarriage

Brooklyn femcee Foxy Brown comes from a completely different era of Hip-Hop. An era where if someone took shots at you on record, you got at them the same way! If someone got personal on a track, you got personal on a track. So after she felt slighted by some lyrics by Remy Ma on the “ShEther” track, the Foxy Brown breaks over.

Foxy has released the teaser of a diss track of her own track called, “Breaks Over”. The diss track is spit over Jay Z’s “Takeover”. And like Jay did when he went hard on the original track back in the day, Foxy Brown holds it down for Brooklyn in a vicious snippet of the track.

Here’s the most intense bars from the Foxy Brown Breaks Over diss:
“This dusty ass broad think she somethin’ sweet
She give the part to a Hot 97 in this street
You still in that dirty ass TS piece
And Pap fucked that dirty ass BX beast
I’m a mothafuckin’ BK savage, you heard?
And I heard about that bitch miscarriage”

Listen To Foxy Brown Breaks Over Below:

It was revealed just a day earlier that Foxy Brown had given birth to a daughter earlier in the week.  Brown didn’t take much time to rest, getting in the studio to reveal “Breaks Over” just days after giving birth.

Did the miscarriage line go too far?


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