French Montana Says Chinx Drugz’s Killer Was At His Funeral

French Montana Chinx killer funeral
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The saying “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” has been tried and trusted over the years courtesy of the Corleone family — and French Montana recently evidenced the coined phrase. While chatting with Math Hoffa, the “Mopstick” star reminisced on his late rap partner and friend, Chinx Drugz. Montana first spoke about how he once gave Chinx money to move out of the hood, but instead the late rapper moved only several blocks up the street. “I gave Chinx money to get out of the hood,” Montana explained.

Chinx came to me like ‘yo, I need a car and I need to get up out the hood.’ I gave him money to get out the hood. He thought he was getting out the hood—he bought a crib three blocks down. He went and bought a crib like 5 blocks down from the hood.” Montana went on to talk about living with the reality of your right-hand man being murdered, not knowing who did it yet living around the same individuals until the police uncover who was behind the killing. “When you rewind the clock and you really look at [it], the ni**a that killed Chinx was at the funeral,” said Montana.

The “Unforgettable” spitter said being a rapper is “worse than being in Iraq.” French Montana dwelled on the time he was shot in the past and persisted on in regards to Chinx‘s killer brazenly attending his funeral. “The nia that shot me came and broke fast during Ramadan with me and my mother at my house,” said the Bad Boy star. “The nia that killed Chinx went to the funeral wearing a Yay hat or whatever Chinx hat; they got pictures of him in the funeral.”

Montana said it’s typically the ones close to you that rub you out and referenced the situation between Rich Porter and Alpo Martinez in Harlem, who were friends/business associates before Martinez shot Porter to death. Hoffa’s podcast co-host added that strength invites challenge, and a rapper’s success taps on peoples insecurities which steadfastly grows into jealously and eventual attempted murder.

Watch above to see French Montana speak on his friend Chinx resting in peace at his funeral in front of his killer.

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