Gunna’s New Album, “One of Wun” | A Track-by-Track Breakdown

Gunna's New Album,
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Gunna’s latest album, “One of Wun,” is here, and it’s already making waves. Gunna showcases his rapping skills with 20 tracks, from flexing his wealth to self-reflection and navigating fame.

The project boasts collaborations with stars like Offset and Roddy Ricch, alongside genre-bending artists like Normani and Leon Bridges. Whether it breaks records remains to be seen, but “One of Wun” is a strong contender for a successful and impactful release.

Here’s a deeper dive into each song on Gunna’s One of Wun album:

Gunna’s New Album, One of Wun Tracks Ranked

1. COLLAGE (Prod. Young T & Evrgrn) The album kicks off with Gunna welcoming us to his world, proclaiming himself a rap legend and assuring fans he’s here to stay.

2. ONE OF WUN (Prod. Que, Byrd & Kenny Stuntin) Gunna gets braggadocious, rapping about luxury cars, lavish experiences, and his financial success.

3. NECK ON A YACHT (Prod. Turbo) This track, inspired by recording sessions on a yacht, features Gunna flaunting his wealth and carefree lifestyle.

4. WHATSAPP (WASSAM) (Prod. Turbo & Evrgrn) Referencing a slang term for “what’s up,” the song details Gunna receiving a hefty sum for a private performance.

5. HAKUNA MATATA Don’t expect a Disneyfied version! Gunna boasts about his wealth and jet-setting lifestyle, putting a unique spin on the classic Lion King phrase.

6. PRADA DEM (feat. Offset) (Prod. Turbo) Gunna and Offset team up for a fire collab, showcasing their expensive wardrobes and flexing their fashion sense.

7. TREESH (Prod. Flo, Evrgrn & Dunk Rock) Gunna uses slang to weave a story about a woman with multiple partners, showcasing his ability to transform slang into catchy lyrics.

8. ONE ONE TONIGHT This short track (1 minute 30 seconds) finds Gunna flaunting his wealth and lavish lifestyle.

9. BACK IN THE A A love letter to Atlanta, Gunna raps over a stripped-back beat about his loyalty to his hometown.

10. TRIO (Prod. Kizzy) Paying homage to football legend Deion Sanders, Gunna raps about his dominance and potential for sparking a rap battle.

11. STILL PREVAIL Sparking speculation of a Drake diss, Gunna raps about success and seemingly references cosmetic surgery for abs.

12. BLACKJACK (Prod. CLARKE) Gunna takes a more introspective turn, reflecting on life lessons and how wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness.

13. $$$ (feat. Normani) Normani’s vocals add a psychedelic touch to this unique collab, as Gunna reflects on his financial independence.

14. CLEAR MY RAIN (feat. Leon Bridges) A genre-bending love song, Gunna teams up with R&B veteran Leon Bridges for a standout track.

15. CONSCIENCE Gunna expresses anxieties of fame and criticizes peers who he believes want to undermine him.

16. LET IT BREATHE (feat. Roddy Ricch) Roddy Ricch delivers a strong verse, with Gunna referencing the Creed movie as they rap about overcoming challenges.

17. LIFE’S CHANGING (Prod. Evrgrn) Maturity takes center stage as Gunna raps about personal growth, investing in the stock market, and his desire to reconnect with fans on tour.

18. TODAY I DID GOOD An uplifting track, Gunna details his fitness journey, his passion for fashion, and his desire to give back to his family and community.

19. TIME REVEALS, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR Gunna explores themes of wanting to provide for a partner, but ultimately realizing the relationship might not be salvageable. The song emphasizes the power of time and healing.

Image Credit: Prince Williams / Contributor   |   Getty Images

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