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Herschel Walker Blasted By Howard Stern After Election Loss

Herschel Walker Howard Stern

On Wednesday, NFL legend and Republican Herschel Walker lost in the Georgia Senate race against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. Howard Stern, who’s renowned for speaking his mind on-air, chimed in on the political matter and pretty much celebrated Walker going down in flames.

“But I was personally gratified to see that Herschel Walker lost,” spoke Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show. “But do you know, as I was saying to my wife this morning, only by a hundred thousand votes, there’s still a lot of morons out there that would elect a guy like that.” Endorsed by President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate was marginally defeated in the Tuesday race by Warnock.

In the midst of the campaign, Herschel Walker (a conservative) faced accusations of giving women money to have abortions. And, Howard Stern let it be known to the world how he felt about the former NFL star athlete. “He’s completely unqualified. I mean, I got no problem with Herschel Walker as a football player, and I understand he’s a beloved football hero in Georgia. Come on, dude, you could not—Well, he lost, so good for you people of Georgia. I mean, the guy’s a total embarrassment, and if you would’ve elected him, I don’t know what I would have thought of you.”

Stern then applauded the Democratic winner. “This guy, Raphael Warnock, who seems to be a decent guy, a well-spoken guy, a knowledgeable guy, got 51.4 percent of the vote. Herschel (Walker) got 48.6 percent of the vote. So that’s with 95 percent of the votes reported. And, they’re calling Raphael Warnock the winner in Georgia.”

Herschel Walker Howard Stern
Herschel Walker gets clowned by Howard Stern live on the air

The colorful radio personality added that he cares less what either man stands for, though he merely couldn’t get behind Walker because he “often sounds unintelligible when speaking.” Are you delighted like Howard Stern as well that Herschel Walker lost?

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