*Spoiler Alert* Is Chrishell The New Villain Of Netflix Series ‘Selling Sunset’?

Netflix Selling Sunset

If you tuned into The Ultimatum last week, you’re going to LOVE Netflix Selling Sunset. Netflix Selling Sunset Season 5 dropped yesterday. It looks like fans believe Chrishell Stause is the new villain of The Oppenehim Group. Chrishell started dating Jason Oppenheim, President of The Oppenehim Group, after cultivating a friendship working at the firm.


Prior to Chrishell and Jason dating, Chrishell had a huge problem with The Oppenehim Group’s HBIC, Christine Quinn. The majority of the women at the firm turned their backs on Christine and jumped on Team Chrishell, including Christine’s office bestie, Mary. Christine was almost let go from The Oppenehim Group, since she had so many issues at the firm, but ultimately was allowed back because she does REALLY well in real estate. While it was a bummer for Christine’s coworkers that she returned, they were really excited to hear that Chrishell and Jason secretly became a couple. Unfortunately, Chrishell tried to leverage her relationship with Jason by getting him to fire Christine and questioning his decision on hiring Black British real-estate broker, Chelsea Lazkani, the new star of the show. Chelsea becomes Christine’s bestie and they cause some drama.

Social Media Reactions

Social media has been buzzing about Chrishell becoming the villain after trying to stop Christine’s bag and downplaying her ability to sell real  estate on her own when Jason has helped Chrishell sell houses consistently. Check out these hot takes.












Marriage Drama with Chrishell Stause

If Chrishell’s name sounds familiar, she used to be married to Justin Hartley from This Is Us. According to Vulture, “the two had been married for just over two years. The third season of Selling Sunset depicted Stause’s divorce from Hartley as a plot arc, revealing that Hartley allegedly told Stause in a text that he filed. After the split, Hartley moved in with Sofia Pernas, his former co-star on The Young and the Restless, in May 2020.” Social media had their foot on Justin’s neck for doing Chrishell dirty and continue making jokes about him to this day.

I first heard about Selling Sunset from listening to Scottie Beam and Sylvia O Bell talk about the show on their podcast, Okay Now Listen. I honestly think they made the show popular amongst Black people.

If you watch Selling Sunset, do you think Chrishell is the new villain? If you don’t watch, are you thinking about watching? Leave a comment below.


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