Is Halle Bailey Pregnant? Rumors Might Be True This Time!

Halle Bailey Pregnant

Hollywood actress, Halle Bailey is amid yet another pregnancy tittle-tattle but it seems this time it might not be just talks.

In September, we reported Chloe, Halle’s elder sister speaking up for her amid the first pregnancy rumor, which sparked from a rather ridiculous post of Halle wearing an oversized outfit to the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. This time however evidence is pointing at her being about 6-7 months preggy.

What Sparked The Pregnancy Rumors Anew?

Halle was walking along the streets of Santa Monica, California with DDG, her boyfriend when shots of her were taken by Splash News. In the pictures, she is wearing an oversized hoodie with an obvious bump in her belly and except she kept a bagel somewhere underneath that hoodie then Halle is most definitely pregnant.

Having a child with the love of your life should be a thing of joy…right? Not for X users though, they have taken the matter to a whole new level.

The couple is in love and happy, that much is evident in their snap stories. So, why can’t everyone be happy for them?

This Is Why!

The hatred for DDG was fueled by his actions earlier in the year, when he wrote the song ‘Famous’ about ruining Halle’s career. It doesn’t end there, he also went on a live stream to make fun of women’s appearance and poked fun at Amber Heard. For these reasons, people have gone as far as calling him a bum and even saying that they are disappointed in Halle’s choice.

This Is What People Are Saying On X:

Meanwhile, Halle is set to win the Glamour’s Women of the year award and we cant wait to see how stunning she will look!


Image Credit:  Francois Durand / Stringer   |  Getty Images

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