Joe Budden Comes Out As Bisexual… To Make A Point On Latest Podcast

Joe Budden Comes Out As Bisexual
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Joe Budden knew exactly what he was doing. On the latest episode of his podcast Joe Budden comes out as bisexual and tells fans to spread the word.  Word caught wind on Thursday afternoon and social media took OFF!

In the clip, Budden says, “I’m bisexual…” His cohosts make comments and Budden follows up with, “Listen, I like guys and girls! Spread the word.”

Once that news that Joe Budden had come out hit social media, Joe Budden posted on twitter the following:

For fans that didn’t listen to the full podcast, Budden was having a bigger conversation about the LGBTQ community and what was happening with DaBaby and Dave Chappelle.  This week news emerged that one of the leaders of one of the LGBTQ organizations that wasn’t supporting DaBaby, Relationship Unleashed, had “forgiven him” and was okay with him performing again.  The next it was announced that RollingLoud one of the first organizations to cancel a DaBaby performance was now presenting a 16 city DaBaby tour.

Take a few minutes to listen to at least that full segment on DaBaby and Dave Chappelle.  Budden’s insight is pretty eye opening, especially for fans who might not know how some parts of the entertainment industry works.

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