Juelz Santana’s Bandana Snatched By Jadakiss Gets Discussed In Interview

juelz Jadakiss - All Falls Down
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Most of us recall the epic Dipset vs. The Lox Verzuz — especially the moment when Jadakiss yanked the bandana off of Juelz Santana‘s head. Would you deem Kiss’ action disrespectful? Well, Juelz recently spoke about the incident in a recent interview.

“The one thing that bothered me, personally since we know each other, watching it — was when Jadakiss grabbed the bandana off your head. I just thought that was really f**king disrespectful,” spoke DJ Vlad to Juelz in his latest interview. At this juncture, most VladTV viewers primed themselves for a slightly Harlem gangsta infused retort from the “Hey Ma” spitter. However, Juelz swiftly pumped the brakes on Vlad’s instigative traction.

“You tryna start some sh*t, Vlad. Shutup, Vlad,” replied Juelz. “Come on man, you not gonna do that. It was all fair in love and war. Nah Vlad, stop what you doing.” We’ve seen recent footage of Juelz backstage hanging with Jadakiss, thereby, it appears that Dipset rapper was merely defending his friend along with his own honor.

Juelz went on about the Jadakiss bandana seizure, “I got the text messages in my phone. Right after that, I texted Jada(kiss) and I’m like ‘That’s crazy, I gotta get you back for taking my bandana off.’ He said, ‘Nah I ain’t gonna front, I thought ya’ll was gonna beat my a*s when I took your bandana off!'”

juelz jadakiss
Juelz Santana, Dipset

Following, Juelz even told Vlad in retaliation he considered knocking Jadakiss‘ hat off of his head, but decided not to in order to sustain peace between the camps. Check out what else Juelz had to say regarding the bandana fiasco HERE.

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