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Kanye West Releases New Album ‘Vultures 1’ On All Streaming Services After Initial Delay

Kanye West Releases New Album “Vultures” But Not For The Lesser Folks Of Spotify

Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign’s Vultures Vol. 1 finally dropped but only for selected people, here is why.

Kanye West Releases Vultures But Not On Spotify

The much-awaited Vultures album was dropped by 2AM today and it’s all everyone can talk about on X but mostly for its absence on Spotify. Kanye seems to have something against Spotify but we can’t tell what it is yet.

Known for breaking grounds in controversial situations, it didn’t come as much of a shock when the artiste released his new album on all but one music platform

and despite the long wait being finally over, the millions of Spotify users who haven’t been able to listen to his album yet are having to take it in strides and feeding off the feedbacks from apple music users.

Vultures Vol. 1 Release

While Kanye had promised to release “Vultures” twice in December, and in January too he never did. Now he has and the talk in town that it is 2AM on a random Saturday. This isn’t the case as today 10th of February holds a significant spot in the artistes life – Marking the 20th year anniversary of The College Dropout. It only seems fitting he releases another earth smashing album to mark the date.

DEC 31ST ???
RANDOM SATURDAY AT 2:00 AM ✅✅✅” Someone on X wrote.

’Kanye really dropped on the 20th anniversary of The College Dropout

Couldn’t write a better script

20 years & still cookin’ Another user wrote.

Vultures consists of songs like Stars, keys to My Life, Paid, talking, back to me and eleven other songs.

Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye West Vultures 1 Tracklist

01.  Stars
02.  Keys To My Life
03.  Paid
04.  Talking
05.  Back To Me
06.  Hoodrat
07.  Do It
08.  Paperwork
09.  Burn
10.  Fuk Sumn
11.  Vultures
12.  Carnival
13.  Beg Forgiveness
14.  Good (Don’t Die)
15.  Problematic
16.  King

Why Did Kanye Drop Vultures Vol. 1 On Apple But Not On Spotify?

Vultures Is currently number 1 on the UK iTunes chart and is streaming on all other music platforms except Spotify. This begs the question why?

Speculations are that Kanye didn’t drop Vultures on Spotify because he has something against the platform and another set of speculation is that he is just being Ye.

For the people who have listened to the new album, they say it is fire but we can’t truly judge as half the population of Ye’s fanbase haven’t been chanced to listen to it yet.

Here are a number of tweets discussing the violation:

Update on Vultures 1:

The album made it to Spotify by the middle of the day.


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