Karrine “Supahead” Steffans Has Rebranded Herself & Launched A Podcast

Supahead changes her name

After a great run in many circles, Karrine Steffans, sometimes known as the renowned, Supahead has changed her name to Elisabeth Ovesen.  Karrine Steffans is not only a talented head doctor, among experts, she is also the author of three New York Times bestselling books. Known for living unapologetically, and being an expert in the bedroom, the Karrine Steffans name change comes as a bit of a surprise.  

Since Supahead changed her name to Elisabeth Ovesen, she is now the host of a new podcast titled, Asking For A Friend. The Blavity and 21ninety original podcast focuses on love and relationships. On the podcast, Steffans addresses issues from her past and answers questions from anonymous callers, while also diving into some entertainment hot topics.

As for the Karrine Steffans name change, it’s not a name change at all, Elisabeth is just dropping the Karrine Steffans pen name.  Turns out Elisabeth was her real name all along, according to her website bio.

“In 2015, with the completion of her original ten-year plan, Elisabeth retired the Karrine Steffans pen name and from book publishing,” she details. “Six years later, Elisabeth returned to publishing with bi-monthly sex, love, relationship columns for Medium publications LEVEL and ZORA from the summer of 2020 to early 2022.”

In the first episode of “Asking For A Friend,” she discusses Kanye West’s and actress Julia Fox’s relationship, which she describes with the term ‘Love Bombing’. According to Elisabeth Ovesen, Love Bombing is a “manipulative dating technique in which one spouse lavishes big gestures and persistent attention on a new romantic partner in an effort to get an upper hand in the relationship.”

As the host of “Asking For A Friend,” she educates her listeners based on personal experience. She also shares negative signs to watch out for based on knowledge and studies.

On Kanye West and Julia Fox’s relationship, she had this to say:

“They had known each other for literally all of two days. She was everything, he was everything and then it fizzled. That looked a lot to me like love bombing. It’s part of a three-prong approach usually done by narcissists.”

In the second episode of “Asking For A Friend”, formerly Karrine Steffans keeps it real as she offers listeners her thoughts on BBLs, Youth, and Beauty. She voiced her opinion on the new beauty standard, prompting thousands of women to go to risky extremes to achieve the ideal hip-to-waist ratio and other aesthetic goals.


The Podcast host also let listeners in on the implication of the growing obsession with body enhancement and plastic surgery. Showing personal concerns, Elisabeth Ovesen shares words of advice on the deep effects of this phenomenon, such as body dysmorphia and excessive partner expectations.

As of this writing, there have only been 2 episodes of the Elisabeth Ovesen podcast.

New episodes of “Asking For A Friend” are available on YouTube and podcast streaming services every Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET. 

Will you be tuning in for more juice from Elisabeth Ovesen?

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