KeKe Palmer’s Reaction Went Viral After Vanity Fair’s “Nope” Fan Theory Video

KeKe Palmer reaction went viral

KeKe Palmer ‘s reaction went viral after Vanity Fair released their fan theories video for the movie “Nope.” KeKe didn’t recognize well known white celebrities again and the internet loves it. Vanity Fair had the cast of Jordan Peele’s new movie “Nope” take turns reading, confirming and denying fan theories from Reddit. Nope stars include Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea. Check out the video here.

During the video, KeKe Palmer read a fan theory from a Reddit user named Stanleytuccisarmada that read, “Calling it, I bet we see Scully and Mulder.” KeKe stops, looks at her coworkers and asks, “And who the hell are they?!” Before she fully finished her sentence, Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun say, “X Files.”  She responds, “why would we see them?” They respond, “Because of aliens.” KeKe and Brandon later admitted that they both haven’t watched the X files.

Fans went on Twitter stanning the fact that KeKe Palmer continues to not know well known white people. So of course, KeKe Palmer ‘s reaction went viral. Tweets included, “Keke really don’t be knowing ANYONE I’m crying lmaaaooooo” and “how can we ever thank Keke Palmer enough for existing?”






Jordan Peele’s new movie, “Nope” is a UFO SciFi film that honors horror movies and incorporates commentary about race. For Peele, it’s hard making a movie that doesn’t include race because it informs his work. According to Entertainment Weekly, Peele said, “I think it’s impossible to make any movie without it being about race, because race is all around us,” Peele said. “You can’t have Black people in a flying saucer film and just have it be the same experience. It’s not. There’s a different relationship.”

This isn’t Jordan Peele’s first rodeo in the horror genre. Peele’s movies “Get Out” and “Us” are two thrilling horror movies that did amazing numbers at the box office. “Get Out” was so spectacular that it earned Jordan Peele an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Nope hits theaters on July 22.

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