Lil Nas X Officially Comes Out as Gay, Social Media Reacts

Lil Nas X gay
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Music isn’t the only thing Lil Nas X takes pride in.

The 20-year-old Columbia Records signee has seemingly just come out as gay, according to his Twitter account, which holds over 1.3 million followers.

“Some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more,” X tweeted on the last day of Pride Month. “But before this month ends, I want y’all to listen closely to C7osure.”

Apparently, there are some hidden clues in the two-minute song, vaguely alluding to X’s sexuality.

Brand new places I’ll choose and I’ll go, I know
Embracing this news I behold unfolding
I know, I know, I know it don’t feel like it’s time
But I look back at this moment, I’ll see that I’m fine
I know, I know, I know it don’t feel like it’s time
I set boundaries for myself, it’s time to cross the line


He then went on to post a photo of the cover of his debut EP, 7, which was released on June 21st, pointing out the rainbow-colored skyscrapers in the background.

The Atlanta-born artist’s semi “announcement” sparked a couple of reactions from fans, and his responses were quite comical.

“Just cuz I’m gay don’t mean I’m gay,” he wrote under one of his Instagram posts. A commenter also asked Lil Nas X if he was joking, and he replied: “I’m gay as a joke.”

He further sent social media into a frenzy with these trolling tweets below.


It’s always great to see someone living in their truth.

As you all may know, Lil Nas X rose to prominence with his country-rap single “Old Town Road”. The track originally hit the internet in December of last year but gained global acclaim through its uber-successful 2019 remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

See what people had to say about Lil Nas X’s news below…


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