[STREAM] Lil Peep Lives On With ‘Everybody’s Everything’ Album & Documentary

Lil Peep Everybody's Everything album cover
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Late rapper Lil Peep will continue his legacy with his forthcoming album release.  The Lil Peep Everybody’s Everything album was released on November 15th. The album features a mix of songs you loved from the late rapper plus several unreleased songs.

Lil Peep’s music mixed rap, pop and rock. He found a sound that turned out to be influential for a lot of people in a short amount of time in his short lived career, unfortunately ending in death because of accidental overdose in 2017, at just 21 years old.

The new music comes less than a month after a new EP was revealed from Lil Peep.  Just three songs, Goth Angel Sinner was released on Halloween, Peep’s favorite holiday.  A visual for the single, “When I Lie” was also released at the time.

The visual for “Belgium” was also released.

With 19 songs, the Lil Peep Everybody’s Everything album will definitely be a much needed gift for fans and adds to an already impressive legacy.  The album features Rich The Kid, Gab3, ILoveMakonnen, Lil Tracy and more.

Lil Peep’s Everybody’s Everything album tracklist

01.  Liar
02.  AQUAFINA (ft. Rich The Kid)
03.  RATCHETS (ft. Lil Tracy)
04.  Rockstarz (ft. Gab3)
05.  LA To London (ft. Gab3)
06.  Fangirl (ft. Gab3)
07.  Text Me (ft. Era)
09.  Moving On
10.  Belgium
11.  When I Lie
12.  I’ve Been Waiting (ft. iLoveMakonnen) (Original Version)
13.  Live Forever
14.  ghost boy
15.  Keep My Coo
16.  white tee (ft. Lil Tracy)
17.  cobain (ft. Lil Tracy)
18.  witchblades (ft. Lil Tracy)
19.  walk away as the door slams (acoustic) (ft. Lil Tracy)

In addition to the new album, a documentary with the same Everybody’s Everything title was released on November 12th.  The documentary highlights the impact Lil Peep had with his influence and how he created his own style. The documentary will also show his family speaking on his life and how his grandfather played a huge role in his upbringing. The Everybody’s Everything documentary film is executive produced by Terrance Malick.

Watch a trailer for the Lil Peep documentary below:


Stream The Lil Peep Everybody’s Everything album below:

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