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Meet Doechii, TDE & Capitol Records’ Latest Signing

Meet Doechii

The latest TDE and Capitol Records signing, Doechii, started off on social media, where she presented herself as a singer, dancer, rapper, fashionista, and genre disruptor.

However, she is now having a great time dominating the internet after her single-the yucky bucky fruitcake. The song did not only amass over 32 million streams on Spotify, but it has also aided in increasing the hype around her new single- “Persuasive.” Doechii previously appeared on Isaiah Rashad’s “Wat U Sed.”

When asked how she makes her music in an interview with the Rolling Stone, she stated, ”I was never very personal. I made songs that I thought other people would enjoy and avoided talking about myself or my experiences growing up because I did not think it mattered. I did not think anybody would care or relate.”

“It has become the whole core of my artistry. I have a belief that I am a mirror of people. I want to be brave enough and trust God enough to say what it is that most people are afraid to say,” she added.

If you are yet to have a dossier on the latest TDE and Capitol records signing, here she is. Firstly, Doechii’s actual name is Jaylah Hickmon. Doechii, 22, was born and nurtured in her hometown, Tampa, Florida, alongside her younger siblings by her mother.

According to sources, her mother encouraged her to go into sports and activities. As a result, Doechii later enrolled in an art high school, where she graduated with a high school diploma in vocal technology/classical choral singing.

Certainly, Doechii’s love for art and a musical career has left her worth over $10 million. It is only the beginning after a joint signing from TDE and Capitol Records, as both companies are optimistic about their expectations of Doechii.

According to the CEO of TDE, Anthony Tiffith,”Top Dawg Entertainment is excited to partner with Capitol Records to provide a platform for Doechii to fulfill her artistic ambitions.”

“Doechii’s energy is contagious, and together with Capitol, we’re committed to helping her share her gifts with the world.” He ended.

Whether Doechii will live up to these expectations is not a hundred percent. However, the signs are there. She is confident that the TDE and Capitol legacies will continue with her.

She also believes her story starts now, and her fans agree, as they view her as a combination of Nicki Minaj, Azalea, and Doja Cat.

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