Entertainment News | Offset Celebrates His 32nd Birthday Partying All Night While Cardi B Stayed At Home Pissed

Celebrity Drama | Offset Celebrates His 32nd Birthday Partying All Night While Cardi B Stayed At Home Pissed
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Offset was out partying with half of Miami until 5 AM yesterday, for his 32nd birthday, throwing the middle finger at his now Ex-wife Cardi B, who stayed at home pissed.

It has become apparent that Cardi B is the only one hurt by the state of their marriage. She let all her feelings out in the IG live she held while Offset was out having the time of his life.

Cardi B Rants About Offset On Live – Offset parties all night while Cardi B stayed at home

A very upset Cardi B got on IG live and said her piece to a very busy Offset.

She went, “Cause you will mother fcking talk to a nigga, and a motherfker will play in your fcking face over and over and over and over again! Yo! This mother fucker likes to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time, when I’m not the most confident. He likes to play games with me because he knows I’m not an easy girl.”

“I really been sparing you, you fcking been feeling yourself you btch ass nigga because of your btch ass album and you really been doing me dirty after so many fcking years. I motherfcking helped your ass,” she added.

She broke down in tears after this, saying that he never took things seriously when she talked to him and always made her resort to the Internet.

One person on X said “Bro she’s hurt deep, like DEEEEEP. Offset bro we ain’t with you on this one tf, that’s the MOTHER of your KIDS bro. You ain’t in your 20s no more cuh”

Offset and his crew painted the whole of Miami red Thursday night, first partying at the Miami Design District hotspot ‘Coco Miami’ till 3 am and then proceeding for a second round of partying at South Beach club ‘Playa’ until 5 am.

In both scenes, offset was seen with women hanging off him. His crew even had a whole van full of women as part of the party package.

A list of notable people who were present at the birthday bash were producer Southside, Ari Fletcher, Justin Combs, Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Thomas Bryant.

Here is what people are saying on X:

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