[STREAM] The Love King, Raheem DeVaughn Does It Again With New Album, ‘What A Time To Be In Love’

Raheem DeVaughn What A Time To Be In Love album cover

Since the early 2000s, Raheem DeVaughn has solidified himself as one of the leading voices when it comes to R&B grooves.  Taking on the Love King moniker has just provided the impetus to release new material just about every year that gives the listeners exactly what they need.  The new release from Raheem DeVaughn What A Time To Be In Love carries the flag for what grown R&B music should be.

Released on Friday November 20th, Raheem collaborated with production collective The Colleagues, who produced the entire album. Raheem DeVaughn and The Colleagues have collaborated before on songs, but their chemistry on a complete album provides a seamless sound, delivering another impeccable album in DeVaughn’s impressive career.

With a feel that is similar to Raheem’s third album, Love and War Masterpiece, What A Time To Be in Love is aware of the challenging times we are living in, with poignant “black fist” moments and spoken word sprinkled throughout.  The focus is love however.

The What A Time To Be In Love album is led by the single, “Marvin Used To Say,” a song paying homage to the fellow D.C. native, but also analyzing the Black experience in America in 2020.  It’s the reason the album is defined as Movement Music.

The follow-up single is “Mr. Midnight,” which is a bit more in line of what you can expect for the majority of the album. The most recent release is “Twilight”.


Raheem DeVaughn What A Time To Be In Love album track list

1. WDMG 69.1 (Intro) [featuring R.A Brown & The Colleagues]
2. What A Time To Be In Love [featuring R.A Brown & The Colleagues]
3. Up And Down [featuring The Colleagues]
4. Mr. Midnight [featuring The Colleagues]
5. Marvin Used To Say [featuring The Colleagues]
6. Lawd Help Me [featuring The Colleagues, Mike Phillips, Doug E. Fresh and Kev Brown]
7. Up For Air [featuring The Colleagues]
8. Twilight [featuring The Colleagues]
9. Special Occasion [featuring The Colleagues]
10. Black Fist Cafe (Interlude) [featuring The Colleagues]
11. Deep Deep [featuring The Colleagues]
12. Motions [featuring The Colleagues]
13. Sweet Symphony [featuring The Colleagues]
14. Outer Limits [featuring The Colleagues]

Listen to the full Raheem DeVaughn What A Time To Be In Love album below:

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