Rapper Mellow Rackz Accused Of Scamming Stylists Out Of Designer Clothes

Rapper Mellow Rackz Accused Of Scamming Stylists

Rapper Mellow Rackz and her team are facing a $31,000.00 law suit.  Mellow Rackz is accused of scamming stylists out of designer clothes.

Mellow Racks is being called out for allegedly scamming stylists of expensive designer clothes. Celebrity stylists Charles Reynolds and Xavier are being sued by Dover Street Group for not returning clothes they gave to Mellow Rackz, with the duo throwing blames at the rapper for being the cause of it all.

Charles and Xavier gave some of the duds to rapper Mellow Rackz for her to wear at the 2022 Coachella. The stylists said she acted like she was going to a room to sort through the clothes and decide what she wanted to wear to Coachella, but left Reynolds at the fitting, without returning the clothes she said she will choose. Now, the celebrity-style team is facing a $31,000 lawsuit.

The style team allegedly flew from New York to Palm Springs under the guise that they would receive a great budget, accommodations, and expenses paid for their work. After styling Mellow, the rapper claimed she was going to transfer hotels and would decide what to wear from there, taking the majority of the items that Reynolds and Banks pulled from Dover Street Market. The team claims that she did not answer her phone after that despite their many attempts to contact her and never hearing from the rapper that night.

The stylist wrote on Instagram saying, “Mellow Rackz stole clothes that didn’t belong to her and as she always does with everyone, she refused to pay what she owed. We have receipts. This is bigger than us. There are many victims of MellowRackz fraud and scheme.”

Mellow Rackz and her team responded to the claims. They insisted on no wrongdoing and said they’re unaware of the styling team’s lawsuit.

“Charles presented himself as PR, and for Coachella weekend, I would have party passes to all the parties. Including Coachella tickets, passes, and VIP access. Charles arrived with two big suitcases full of men’s clothes and three outfits. Each consisting of 1 Baby Phat and two other brands I was unfamiliar with.”

“Not Chanel, Celine, or Rick Owens, which we discussed me wearing. He told me there was a delay with my request and to substitute with his offer. I had no choice but to wear the green outfit he provided with black heels. Him and his four friends wore the rest of the items.  He had zero access to events and provided no passes the entire weekend.”

Reacting to the news Mellow Rackz is accused of scamming stylists, fans have been tweeting about the incident.

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