Ray J Clears Up Rumors About Suge Knight, Potential Donald Trump Meeting

Ray J and Suge Knight - Ray J clears Up rumors

Ray J has been in the news a lot lately, buzzing because of various projects he’s been working on that have found success.  His RayCon electronics company is more profitable than many probably imagined it would be when they first saw him riding around on his scooter a couple years ago.  Last month TMZ reported that Ray J and Suge Knight were tied together in business for the forseeable future because Suge Knight has signed over his life rights to Ray J.  The goal, as reported was for Ray J to be able to make Suge money via film, books an any other endeavors using Suge Knight’s name and brand.

The facts of that report have since been called into question. TheJasmineBRAND spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Suge Knight’s fiancee, Toi-Lin Kelly, who says Ray J and Suge Knight, are in business together, but she is in charge of his rights. Nick Cannon however, will handle Suge’s affairs regarding a book about his life. That story didn’t become a trending topic on twitter the way the TMZ story did however.

So when DailyMail reported last week that Ray J was in talks with Donald Trump trying to get Suge Knight pardoned from prison, it seemed quite believable. And other outlets quickly jumped on the story.

Suge Knight is currently in prison after pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter in a fatal 2015 hit-and-run. He was given time served so he could be out of prison before 2030, but a pardon would obviously get him out a lot quicker.

But apparently, the DailyMail reports were all false.  Ray J took to instagram to categorically deny the rumors and any association between him and Donald Trump.

In his post Ray J says:

“pls stop reporting false stories about me! This is the second time y’all trying to pull a stunt like this! The story you put up is false and corny! I’ve been working very hard building my companies and staying out of BS! If you wanna post a story about me pls make sure it’s true.”

He continued, “I will NOT let you sabotage me and ruin my name! I’m working hard for my family!!! The Devil won’t win!!!”

Ray J also created a video response.  Watch it below:


Image:  Getty Images North America – Phillip Faraone / Stringer

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