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Social Media Reacts to Kevin Samuels Death

Kevin Samuels' death

Update: Kevin Samuels’ death has been confirmed by his mother. The original post was entitled, Social Media Reacts to Kevin Samuels Alleged Death

Social Media Reacts to Kevin Samuels Alleged Death. If Kevin Samuels has indeed passed away, he has left this world at the age of 57-years-old. I first heard about the possibility of Kevin Samuels’death on Instagram:

Then I saw Roland Martin posted on Instagram that he is trying to confirm Kevin Samuels‘death.

Marc Lamont Hill and B Scott confirmed Kevin Samuels’ death but Roland Martin has yet to give an update. I also haven’t seen other outlets confirming yet.


Of course, I checked Twitter and whew! The tweets are… just read them yourself
















There have also been tweets about what outlets are legitimate sources to confirm Kevin Samuels’ death. The one that peaked my interest read, “Everybody talking about, “I’ll believe it when TMZ says it” Nawl I knew B. Scott would be the one to report it first.”

How do y’all feel about Kevin Samuels’ alleged death? Are people putting too much faith in white media outlets in this situation over black-owned media outlets? Leave a comment below.

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