Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom’s Diss Track Battle over Burna Boy

Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom's Diss Track Battle over Burna Boy

In the vibrant world of music, where personalities, romance, and drama collide, Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom have taken center stage with a fiery exchange of jabs and diss tracks over Burna boy. The unfolding saga adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing drama involving Burna Boy, providing fans with an unexpected musical spectacle.

Stefflon Don’s latest diss track, “Dat A Dat,” strongly hints at her addressing issues related to Jada Kingdom and her connection with Burna Boy.

Stefflon Don VS. Jada Kingdom Diss tracks over Burna Boy

The feud between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom escalated recently, sparking a wave of diss tracks that reverberated through the music scene. As the drama unfolded on social media, fans eagerly awaited each artist’s response, turning the conflict into a musical showdown.

Stefflon Don’s diss track, a punchy lyrical assault, showcased her prowess as a wordsmith, addressing the Burna Boy connection and diving into the intricacies of their relationships.

In her latest track, Stefflon Don issues a warning, suggesting a confrontation with someone who allegedly had a romantic involvement with her man. Speculations arose among fans that Jada Kingdom might be the focus of Stefflon Don’s diss track, fueled by past rumors of Burna Boy, Stefflon’s ex, being linked romantically with Kingdom.

Jada Kingdom Response

On the flip side, Jada Kingdom’s retaliation brought a fresh perspective, unveiling her side of the story with a mix of emotion and raw authenticity. Jada Kingdom didn’t shy away from confronting Stefflon Don directly, going as far as tagging her on Instagram and urging her to acknowledge the apparent shade.

In a fiery Instagram Live rant, Kingdom dismissed the situation, stating, “Don’t blow this thing out of proportion. It’s weird because it’s behind a man… this guy is for everybody.”

Taking the battle to Instagram, Jada Kingdom didn’t hold back, delivering not one but two direct responses to Stefflon Don. In the first, she shared a track captioned, “Suh yuh confirm you tryna beef over a man that I don’t want and who CLEARLY don’t want you!? but OK, this is weak…You’re pressed.”

For the second response, Jada Kingdom dropped a song using the beat from Burna Boy’s “Talibans II,” where the Afrobeats star mentions buying Kingdom a Birkin bag. Titled “London Bed,” the track features an unflattering image of Stefflon Don on the cover art. The feud intensifies with each musical volley.


Amidst the relationship buzz, Stefflon Don received an anonymous birthday present, a stunning 2023 Rolls Royce Cullinan, courtesy of her mystery man. The British rapper took to the internet to showcase her extravagant gift, sparking speculation about the identity of her generous partner, with some wondering if it might be Burna.

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