Steve Harvey Jokes About Daughter Lori and Michael B. Jordan’s Split

Steve Harvey Jokes About Daughter Lori
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Steve Harvey jokes about daughter Lori and Michael B. Jordan’s split?! Well, at least, that’s what social media is taking it as.

If you hadn’t heard already, Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan have reportedly ended their (a little over) one-year romance, according to multiple news outlets.

This morning, a clip of Steve Harvey briefly discussing the matter on his radio show surfaced on The Shade Room.

“I gotta start learning from my children,” he bantered. “Get out early!”

In the hard-to-hear footage, Harvey is seemingly giving fatherly kudos to his daughter for getting out before the costly fees of having to get a divorce… in the future.

During his light-hearted approach, he and the other hosts also shared a few laughs, which triggered some of the roommates in the comments.

Although the legendary comedian-actor seemed to have had a good rapport with Jordan, in the video, it’s clearly heard that, without a doubt, the 65-year-old just wants what’s best for Miss Lori Harvey.

It’s unfortunate to see that such a beautiful representation of #BlackLove has ceased so suddenly, but we do wish the best for both Jordan and Harvey, who are completely “heartbroken,” sources have said.

Twitter has since taken Steve Harvey’s remarks to the timeline, and he’s now trending on the networking giant.

Check out what the people had to say about all of this…

Steve Harvey Jokes About Daughter Lori and Michael B. Jordan’s Split?!