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Steve Harvey Let’s People Know that He Doesn’t Play About His Wife in Viral Video

Steve Harvey viral video

It seems as though Steve Harvey is tired of the fake news and the constant rumors being spread about his relationship with his wife Majorie. Recently, we were hit with the rumor of Majorie cheating on Steve which was shut down immediately. Steve Harvey viral video today shows Steve defending his wife about not being the reason as to why his last marriage ended. 

Last month, when we heard of the fake news about the Harvey’s  but with a quickness those rumors were put down. But as those were rising so was Steve Harvey’s account when it seemed as though he was asking X who their favorite comedian was, which was unlike anything Steve Harvey normally would write about. 

Steve Harvey has always been a motivational speaker for young people when it came to  relationships, purpose and even life obstacles. But now, it seems as though Steve needed to get a few things off his chest in a recent clipped that shared that Majorie was not the reason why his last marriage ended. 

Steve Harvey Viral Video Shares Majorie Did Not Ruin His Last Relationship



“The woman I married is a good woman. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. She’s God fearing, loyal, faithful and a kind woman.” says Steve on his morning show. 

He continues to give Majorie praises and says that he is tired of the back and forth and he knows that she has to be as well. He wants people to stop tearing down her character and he understands that it’s the devils work. 

One thing we can say about the relationship is that Uncle Steve doesn’t play about his woman and he needs everyone else to stop as well. 


Main Image Credit: Gregg DeGuire / Stringer

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