Twitter Has Much to Say About Suki Twerking on Carpet During the VMAs

Suki at the VMAs

Whew! Suki is catching heat for her entrance into the MTV VMAs last night (Septemeber 12) as she twerked on the carpet. According to fans, many people were telling her that being on the carpet was not the time or place but we all know Suki will always be Suki. Now, she just so happens to be Suki at the VMAs. 

Many people tuned into the VMAs, as they saw countless celebrities taking their place on the carpet. One being Suki, who was also amongst the crowd but instead of taking a picture she decided to twerk instead. In a recent video of her giving the photographers a show, she explained that MTV VMAs knew who she was when they invited her to be apart of the experince. But still there were people that did not like the way she conducted herself at the award show. 

Suki at the VMAs on the Carpet Twerking

London Charles also known as “DEELISHIS” had a few things to say about Suki being on the carpet twerking. In a comment posted by The Shade Room, she mentioned that she wished Suki would get off the floor due to how many shoes have walked across the ground. But it seemed as though the comment quickly turned into a clapback from Suki. 

London & Suki Responses to Each Other On Post 

Suki responded on the post to express her dislike of what London had to say about the matter by disclosing that she was just sleeping with “flavor flag” and that she shouldn’t be scared of anything. She may have meant to say ‘Flavor Flav’ but we are unsure as to whom Suki may be mentioning in her clapback. 

Either way, London reposted the reponse on her page with an apology to Suki stating that she did not mean any harm by what she said but that she simply thought that she was better than being on the floor. She also mentioned that she is a supporter of other women and will not bash any woman who she respects. 

London Apology After Her Response About Suki Twerk Video

We have yet to hear a repsonse from Suki after her apology. But regardless, Twitter ate the drama up and ran to express exactly how they felt on the matter. 

Suki & Her Friends at MTV VMAs 

Here is What Twitter X Had to Say


What are your thoughts about Suki twerking on the carpet? Let us know in the comments below. 


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