Home Entertainment News Chris Rock Blasts Will Smith in New Netflix Special ‘Selective Outrage’

Chris Rock Blasts Will Smith in New Netflix Special ‘Selective Outrage’

Chris Rock Blasts Will Smith

After nearly a year since the infamous ‘Oscars slap,’ Chris Rock blasts Will Smith in his new Netflix special, Selective Outrage!

On Saturday (March 4) at 10 p.m. EST (7 p.m. PST), the streaming platform ran its first-ever live event for Chris Rock: Selective Outrage.

The “New Jack City” actor has kept quiet for the most part regarding the fiasco at the 2022 Academy Awards when Rock jokingly compared Jada Pinkett Smith’s short hair to Demi Moore’s buzz cut in the classic film G.I. Jane. Will Smith responded to the quip by strutting onstage and smacking him across the face.

However, the “Everybody Hates Chris” narrator’s much-awaited stand-up comedy captured the evening when he gets to hit Smith back (verbally of course).

Chris Rock Selective Outrage
‘Chris Rock: Selective Outrage’ premiered on Saturday and addressed the Oscars slap incident

Chris Rock Blasts Will Smith in New Netflix Special Selective Outrage

Netflix said in one of its promos for the comedy special: “The seven-second delay button is taking a night off: Chris Rock is back on Netflix and ready to tell you what he thinks… live.” Reportedly, Rock has also been road-testing Will Smith material on his recent Ego Death world tour.

A reporter from the Baltimore Sun who was at Rock’s Feb. 17 show said the comedian implored, “Will Smith practices selective outrage. People who are in the know, know that sh*t had nothing to do with me.” The Beverly Hills Ninja trouper also recently said at one of his sets that he viewed Emancipation (where Smith plays a runaway slave) just so that he “could watch him getting whipped.”

In addition, Rock reportedly has addressed infidelity in Smith’s marriage at his latest appearances. “We have all been cheated on. She hurt him way more than he ever hurt me. Everyone knows I’m not spilling any tea. I felt so bad for Will, I tried to call and give him my condolences. Everybody was calling him a bitch except me. But who does he hit? Me.”

Do you think Will and Jada are going to watch Chris Rock: Selective Outrage? Comment below!

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