[FIRST LOOK] ‘If You Were the Last’: Anthony Mackie Gets Stuck in Outer Space

If You Were the Last

The sci-fi love comedy If You Were the Last, starring Anthony Mackie and Zoë Chao, will debut on Friday, October 20, according to Peacock.

Three years into a NASA mission that has gone horribly wrong, Adam (Mackie) and Jane (Chao) are on a shattered ship that is floating between Jupiter and Saturn in If You Were the Last. They dispute about what to do as they come to the realization that no one will be coming to save them. Adam makes the suggestion that they might want to share a bed one day. Jane dismisses the suggestion, but it starts a flirtatious discussion about whether they should spend their last days as platonic pals or friends with benefits.

Geoff Stults and Natalie Morales also star in the movie.

The picture’s official synopsis states, “Finding ways to pass the time as they become certain that no one is coming to save them, they argue over what to do.

“One day, Adam poses that maybe they should sleep together; Jane laughs the idea off, but it prompts a flirty debate about whether they’re better off spending their remaining days as friends or something more.”

If You Were the Last

‘If You Were the Last’ Coming Soon to Peacock

Storm City Films, Pinky Promise, and Depth of Field created If You Were the Last. Executive producers include Chris Weitz, Angela Bourassa, Will Greenfield, Harrison Huffman, and Paul Weitz.

In addition to Andrew Miano, the film’s producers include Sean Woods, Britta Rowings, Dan Balgoyen, Gabrielle Nadig, Jessamine Burgum, Dennis Masel, Jon Levin, and Kara Durrett. The screenplay was written by Angela Bourassa, with direction by Kristian Mercado.

If You Were the Last

Mercado stated to Alternative Press after the movie’s March international premiere at SXSW, “I like the idea of making movies that are colorful.

“When I was making the film, I really always centered it around the emotion I got from the script. I wanted to push that warmth. I wanted to make a film that felt like you’re always really engaged, and the visual engagement was helping me feel something about the story.”

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