The Sexiest R&B Albums Out There

Sexiest r&b albums

There’s never a bad time to put on a record with a good beat or a deep grove, whether you’re about to actually get down to business in the bedroom or just want to kick back in your living room to feel good about life and everything else. These records will definitely put a smile on your face and maybe get you feeling great below the belt.

The Top Three Sexiest R&B Albums Out There

Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

It’s right there in the title. After getting socially conscious on ‘What’s Going On?’, Gaye decided to take it easy on this one, and you can tell right from the title track what he’s interested in doing. In fact, the other tracks don’t mince words: Keep Getting’ It On, Come Get To This, You Sure Love to Ball. And it’s a perfect mix of funk and rock that Gaye had been playing with the last few years, while still staying true to his R&B roots.

It’s inspired plenty of records (some of which you’ll see later on this list), and in the wider culture, it changed just how sex could be sung about in popular culture. In fact, you can thank this album for how getting it on was addressed in TV back then, and even today, in free sex games we play with our partners. The whole album clocks in at a little over half an hour, and that’s a good length as time as you can get for such a topic. Only thing you have to remember is that ‘Sexual Healing’ isn’t actually on here, but is worth checking out in its own right.

Dirty Mind – Prince

This list could not be taken seriously without at least one Prince album on here, and while this one might not get the attention of 1984’s mega-seller Purple Rain, Dirty Mind is perfect for what we’re talking about. Coming seven years after Let’s Get It On, not only is there a huge influence of disco and new wave sounds on here (Prince played practically every instrument on here), but the lyrics are straight up dirty. Forget just a romantic evening like Marvin Gaye is suggesting, the Minnesota maestro is singing about plenty of taboo topics, is hoping for a threesome, and just decided to name one of the song’s ‘Head’. Prince’s falsetto voice and androgynous image attracted a lot of wild attention at the time of its release, but he’s shown time and time again that he’s been willing to fall his heart (among other organs) and this is a really sexy record that is perfect for nighttime naughtiness.

Voodoo – D’Angelo

Okay, we all think of the shirtless (and maybe more) album cover and music video for ‘Untitled’ (the third single, which has been compared to Prince), but the whole epic album deserves a lot more attention than this visual take. Voodoo is an epic that can easily be described as ‘indulgent’ (seventy eight minutes over thirteen jam-heavy tracks), but that’s what makes it so good. You and your partner can relax and let the music go from foreground to background as you just do what comes natural. The nineties meant a hell of a lot sampling in hip-hop and R&B, so it was refreshing to go back to some ‘live music’, since this album is overflowing with real drums and guitars, harkening back to the the sounds that the funk bands of the 70s were doing better than anybody. At the same time, jazz hadn’t exactly been the most popular genre of the last few decades, but D’Angelo welcomed the sexy side of that with open arms as well. Bringing in Questlove and J Dilla shows that by combining the talents of some of the best in the business, you are definitely going to come up with some… Voodoo. Hard to believe that it’s been twenty years since it’s been released!

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