Trina Opens Up About Allegedly Dating Tory Lanez

Trina Tory Lanez dating
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Hip Hop titan Trina recently set the record straight in regards to the hearsay surrounding her consociation with Tory Lanez. Speculation began circulating that Trina and Lanez were involved romantically after the rappers musically collaborated on several occasions. While appearing on Caresha Please, Yung Miami asked the “F*ck Boy” singer about her past relationships with other high profile celebs, including French Montana and Weezy F. Baby. When the chit chat shifted to Tory Lanez, the Miami native claimed that the two were pals, however, that he was certainly interested in more than friendship.

Trina explained, “We wasn’t dating. Tory was just my friend but he liked me. And I just felt like, I met Tory at a weird time, like right after the whole French debacle, the whole situation. And I met him through just other friends that came to the studio. I was in this space like, ‘Ok, I gotta work.’” “Da Baddest B*tch” rapper said it was music that initially linked her and Tory Lanez, after “The Color Violet” star showed up at a studio session of hers.

Trina explained once she found out that Tory Lanez was in fact the artist whose vocals her staff had been attempting to swap out on a reference track that a producer had sent her, their friendship came to life. Trina recounted, “I was so shamed, ’cause I had already liked it, I liked the guy on the song. But I get it, when it come to the label, we gotta put somebody with a bigger name to make the song bigger. So we ended up meeting and we clicked, and he was just a cool person. He was real young; and I was real advanced and I’m not with the sh*ts.”

She went on regarding the convicted rapper, “I was drawn to that energy. I was at a space where I was down and I needed to work. And I liked what he was doing. But at the end of the day, he was also real aggressive and growing and trying to be his own artist. And I respect him for doing that.” Trina and Tory Lanez may not have been dating, but they certainly had a selcouth bond.

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