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Tupac Who?! Social Media Roasts Old Statue of the Rapper to No End

Tupac murder

Fans Not Too Pleased Over Tupac Statue Located in Dallas

Black Twitter was set ablaze last week when an old picture of a supposed Tupac statue popped up on the internet.

Apparently, the statue was erected in Dallas, TX, of all places, where Tupac had absolutely no ties… whatsoever.

According to some digging that I did, the statue was originally located in Stone Mountain, GA, and it once stood in front of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center there. However, it was later removed by Tupac’s mother when she sold the arts center to a businessman named Jim Burnett in 2015, Billboard informed.

Two years later, Burnett reportedly commissioned a half-million dollars to have a new statue built, and he appointed artist Nijel Binns to oversee the project in 2017.

Once the major media outlets got a hold of it, The Shade Room included, I couldn’t help but laugh at the thousands of Instagram comments under each and every post. One user who goes by the name of @yungphilthy said, “Headstone says Tupac, but statue says Dave Chappelle.” And it didn’t stop there.

With over 5,000 retweets and 24,000 likes on Twitter, Hip-Hop fans are showing that they definitely have a sense of humor when it comes to the late, legendary rapper

Now we all know ‘Pac for being brazen, over the top type of performer who never shied away from touchy subjects like teen pregnancy, promiscuity and the infamous thug life that some of his music reported. I, myself, was a HUGE ‘Pac fan back in the nineties, and it was some of the best and most informative music of my generation.

The statue looks, to me, like an old preacher. We all know that ‘Pac was considered a modern-day preacher, but he looked nothing like what this statue did. The statue shows a man dressed in a suit with what looks like a bible in his hand. Which Tupac is that? I know it isn’t the one we’re used to seeing and hearing. The Tupac the world knows hardly ever wore a shirt, showing off his infamous ‘T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E’ tattoo, which was actually an acronym for The Hate U Give Little Infants F*cks Everyone.

That iconic tattoo was actually a message, or maybe more like a warning because ‘Pac also said that if we continue to bring up children in a negative environment, surrounded by racism, violence, and oppression, then the cycle will just continue. Whew! That man!

Although the statue has since been removed, at least, it still brought a few good laughs and a lyrical genius back into the spotlight–if only for a moment.

Sadly, on September 7, 1996, Tupac was fatally shot during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, NV where he succumbed to his injuries six days later on September 13th. The world lost a legend that day.

Although Tupac is gone, he will always live among true Hip-Hop lovers as a man who told a story and shone a light on the many issues in the African American community that people were scared to speak up about.

My only question now is, can we get a real Tupac statue in his honor and real likeness?

Let’s see what Twitter had to say about this not-so-hot mess. 


If you were wondering what the sculpture that had everyone shambles looked like, here it is:

Tupac Statue
The Tupac Amaru Shakur Statue

Image Credit:  Al Pereira / Contributor  |  Getty Images

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