Twitter Calls Russell Wilson Corny, and People Aren’t Happy About It

Russell Wilson and Ciara
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Seems like every 3 months we’re back here!  There were social media disputes last week over why Ciara chose current Denver Broncos quarterback, Russell Wilson in 2015. The most recent discussions were sparked by a former NFL player this time.  “Russell Wilson is corny,” according to Channing Crowder on his “The Pivot” podcast with Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor.

We went on to say that Ciara shouldn’t have left Future and go on to date a corny Russell Wilson.

As many people know, Ciara’s relationship with Future wasn’t the most fruitful in any way. They did end up having one child together, whom Wilson now adores as if he were his own. “Ciara, she has a good situation, but you don’t leave Future for Russell Wilson,” Crowder said in a clip of the episode circulating on social media on Twitter.

Crowder’s comments were met with a barrage of criticism on Twitter. Fans were not having it and the video of how Wilson wooed Ciara resurfaced.


The Denver Broncos’ quarterback disclosed the hookup line he used on his wife to get her to go on a date with him.

Wilson revealed that his wallet was “broken down” and torn up during an appearance on Kevin Hart‘s Laugh Out Loud Radio on SiriusXM. Ciara couldn’t help but notice on the first day they met, having interacted for two and a half hours.

“That wallet, you losing with that,” she told him.

But Russell won her over with his response. “First of all with me, you’re never losing,” he recalled telling the “Goodies” singer. “Second of all, that wallet, that shows consistency. That’s what you gon’ get from me. You gon’ get somebody who’s gonna be consistent for you every day.”

Meanwhile, Plies moved to Twitter to praise Wilson for not hating on anyone else and for effortlessly making money and taking care of his family.

“What’s Loopy To Me Ain’t NEVER Seen Russell Wilson Hate On No person! Bruh Make His Cash, Take Care Of His Household & Thoughts His Enterprise. It Don’t Get No Realer Than That!!”

Plies isn’t the only one who has weighed in on the Russell Wilson situation. Here are other reactions to Channing Crowder’s comments as social media defends Russell Wilson.

She went from a toxic situation to the square? I’ll think she would do that 5 times over ??‍♂️

— Mr. Virgologist ♍ ?? (@datchoklitone) April 2, 2022

Ciara dumped Future almost 11 years ago and has been married to Russell Wilson almost 7 years and these fools still can’t get over it.

— MsHenderson (@MsHenderson02) April 3, 2022

Why are people so obsessed with them? Russell is fine. Ciara is fine. Both are corny. They would be together in alternative time line.

— The Beauty Bundle (@_alexandriapugh) April 3, 2022

Wait, so she shouldve stayed with Future?…And if she would have stayed in a toxic situation yall would be clowning her…smh. We grown, we want peace!

— Karena (@ChickWithADrone) April 3, 2022

Russell been taking these kinda shots for about 6 years & it’s getting old

— 沙鹿而已 (@AllHailWeezy2) April 3, 2022

Do you think ‘Russell Wilson is corny’?


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