Usher Receives Key To The City, Honored With Own Day In Las Vegas

Usher Las Vegas Key To City

Legendary singer, dancer and overall entertainer Usher has been leaving a major mark in Las Vegas. Not only has he embarked on an impactful residency there but now he’s received a key to the city and was honored with his own day.

On October 17, Mayor Carolyn Goodman and City Councilman Cedric Crear honored Usher by giving him the key and also declaring it Usher Raymond Day. The celebratory moment took place at the Las Vegas City Hall just one day after his 45th birthday.

“Councilman, thank you so much for this momentous moment. I know the efforts that go into doing something like this, and I don’t take it for granted,” Usher said while accepting the key to Las Vegas. “I wanna thank you for your belief in the future and your ability to be able to recognize those things that actually do grow your city. I am someone who is now just contributing by way of entertainment but also to the heartbeat of the city.”

Crear had great things to say about the artist calling him an “incredible brand ambassador for Las Vegas.

“Usher has been an absolutely incredible brand ambassador for Las Vegas with his extremely popular residency as you know called My Way,” he said. “And we all know he is going to be headlining something for the first time — I don’t know if you really comprehend this, but for the first time in the history of the NFL, the Super Bowl is going to be here in Las Vegas… How fitting is it that the entertainment for the Halftime Show is gonna be — and we already claimed you, my man — is our own Usher Raymond. And we know you’re gonna do us proud.”

As Parle Magazine previously reported, Usher was announced as 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show headliner by Kim Kardashian much to the excitement of many devoted fans and followers.

Mayor Goodman added to Councilman Crear’s statements about Usher, calling him a “selfless” person “who knows the future” of the US to around the world. What better fit for a key to the city and a special day?

“Because he’s selfless. This is a man who cares about everybody, and he knows the future of our country and around this world, which is a mess. That if you help others and you help our children have another chance, a better chance, what better marriage than the city of Las Vegas and the genius, benevolent, compassionate, talented Usher Raymond?” she said.

Image Credit:  Pascal Le Segretain / Staff  |  Getty Images

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