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Anwar Robinson:

American Idol Contestant Anwar Robinson Steps Into His Own

Millions of people try out for “American Idol” each year. Only one contestant will win the season. Popularity plays a big role on the contestant winning the show. Each week contestants have to make sure they give their best singing performance. You want to make a connection with the people at home because those people at home will determine, your faith on the show. Many people remember Anwar Robinson, from the fourth season of “American Idol” because he made such a connection with the people at home.  As faith would have it, Anwar wouldn’t win that season, but he has continued to grow his fan base and on  January 25th Robinson, will be releasing his debut album Everything. Robinson no longer wants to be know as the guy from the show “American Idol”… he wants to be an American idol.

Parlé Magazine:
It has been five years since you were a contestant on “American Idol.” What took so long to release this debut album?
Anwar Robinson:  I had to take some time, to figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted to get all my feelings out on this album.


Parlé: What’s the meaning behind the album being called Everything?
Anwar Robinson:  While I was recording my album, I was having a conversation with my bestfriend. We were talking about relationships and life.  “Everything” was the final song I recorded for the album, that’s how I decided to name the album. Getting the album done was a milestone for me.


Parlé: What are some of your favorite songs on the project?
Anwar Robinson:  My favorite songs on the album are “Everything” and “Gone” both songs talk about a relationship that has run its course. Sometimes in relationships you have to admit you were the weak link. Also “Coming Home,” which talks about a couple missing each other.


Parlé: Once ‘American Idol,’ ended for you, was it hard for people to see you as Anwar Robinson, not the guy from American Idol?
Anwar Robinson:  Yes, after “American Idol” I tried to separate myself from the show.  It’s kind of hard because people will always know me as that guy from “American Idol.” On Idol I had to share my life with people. People don’t know how to separate TV from reality.


Parlé: Its been a while since people has heard any music from you. What else have you been up to?
Anwar Robinson:  I have been working hard with different charities and giving music lessons. I give private singing lessons to a couple of different people. Once my album comes out, I would like to go to different pubic schools, and help teach music classes. Also a college tour, its very important to give back to your community. I think some of the music classes are missing the real life experience when it comes to performing.


Parlé: You were in the successful Broadway musical ‘Rent,’ was there a big difference between ‘American Idol’ and ‘Rent?’
Anwar Robinson:  American Idol is only filmed a couple times a week. “Rent” we had about eight to nine performance a week. Every night I performed on stage during “Rent” I left my heart on stage every night.


Parlé: Do you see yourself working in more plays?
Anwar Robinson:  Yes, I would love to work in a Tyler Perry play. I want to challenge myself to get into character for one of his plays.


Parlé: Today the internet plays a big role in many artists’ success in music. How has the internet helped your career?
Anwar Robinson:  The internet is powerful source right now. My fans can get to my music much faster now. I can connect to my fans through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in minutes.

Anwar Robinson

Parlé: Many people start to lose their work ethic once they get some type of fame. How do you stay so grounded?
Anwar Robinson:  When you are an independent artist you need to do everything you can to make sure people know your name. You can’t leave behind what your have learned.


Parlé: Many people feel ‘American Idol’ has gone commercial. How do you feel about American Idol now?
Anwar Robinson:  I do think American Idol has changed. When I was on season four all we could do was sing. Now contestants get to use instruments while their performing. They also have more time with mentors.


Parlé: If you could work with anyone in the music industry who would it be?
Anwar Robinson:  I would love to sing and write for Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson, has one of the greatest voices in the world. I remember meeting her while on the “American Idol” tour and she told me ‘You know I placed seventh on my season too?’ When she said that I already knew I had big shoes to fill.



Parlé:  What can your fans expect from this album?
Anwar Robinson:  This album will be a story to my fans. I have many tender moments.


Parlé:  Thanks for your time and much success with the album.

written by Stormi M. Texas



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