Author Zane Is About Way More Than Erotica

When I initially got the assignment to interview Zane, I wondered what I was going to ask this woman that is totally raw in her writing. I must admit, I was a tad intimidated, but as soon as we started speaking, she put me completely at ease and I realized that there is much more to this author than sexual escapades. There is a method and a message behind everything she pens. She got your attention, didn’t she? So, read on.

Parlé Magazine: Tell me about your book that came out in December, Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Zane: This is my 25th book, and to make a long story short, it’s really about toxic relationships. Since so many of us stay in them, knowing that you don’t belong in them. A lot of people feel like we know the traits that we want in a mate, but very seldom do people recognize what they actually need in a relationship and what they need in a mate. So it’s all about that. It also deals with disabilities, one of the main characters has a disability and it shows how they’re not any less passionate or don’t have any less desire when it comes to their sexuality.

Parlé: Is this the first book that you’re writing like this? Because it’s different than the book of yours that I’ve read or what you’re associated with.
Zane: Everybody automatically makes it a thing that my books are all about sex. All of my books have a deeper meaning. There’s always been a premise behind the book and if anybody can tell me about any of my books, I can tell you exactly what point I was trying to make. For instance, Addicted-there were, like, 6 or 7 points that I was trying to make in the book. But Total Eclipse actually starts out with oral sex, so I’ve always used sex…

Sex to me is an area where women feel most uncomfortable, so I feel that if I can make them feel liberated in that area than it will trickle over to every other aspect of their lives. So the sex in my books has always been a segway into much deeper issues. It gets people’s attention and then they will pay attention to other things. It’s kinda like honey being able to make you swallow a pill more easily. Just like with Addicted. Most times you are not going to have someone just sit down and read a book about sexual addiction. I’ve had women fall into my arms crying before realizing that they need to get help for a problem they never knew they had.

Parlé: Your second season of the Sex Chronicles airs March 5th and I hear there are some surprises.
Zane: (laughs) Yes, one thing I’ve done always with my writing is for people never to be able to tell what’s going to happen next. People can guess all they want, but I can guarantee you that they will not be right.

Amin Joseph as Tarriq and Laila Odom as Ana Marie Hawkings in the Cinemax series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles”.
Antonio Sabaranch as Randall Keys and Johanna Quintero as Maricruz Aguliar in the Cinemax series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles”.

Parlé: Well, I know that someone reveals themselves, but it’s met with a positive response. So, we’re excited to see that. Season 1 is on DVD, where can fans purchase that?
Zane: and…I’m sure there are some other places as well.

Parlé: Is there a way for fans to contact/interact with you?
Zane: They can send an email to, which is my personal website, but if they want to interact with me, they can join Planet Zane which is, which is a social network where we do regular live weekly chats, and it’s really like a dream come true for me because when I first started Erotica Noir back in ’99, it was really a place for other erotica writers to showcase their work, but I would do all the changes and do all of the work myself. But with technology, they’re able to create their own social network page, and I have a ton of people in there blogging and sharing their poetry, etc. It’s a place for like minded individuals to share. It’s a very interesting site.

Parlé: You stated earlier that the erotica is to get people’s attention and then delve into the deeper issues. How much of that is controlled by you or does your publisher tell you what type of specifics you have to stick with because that’s what sells?
Zane: I have total freedom-in what I write and what I publish.

Parlé: Can you tell me about some controversy in the erotica industry and people that may have a problem with it?
Zane: No, because I don’t deal with them. The way I look at it-it doesn’t really matter to me if people understand my purpose in life because I understand it.

Patrice Fisher as Patience James and Maya Gilbert as Dr. Lyric Stansfield-Cruz in the Cinemax series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles”.
Patrice Fisher as Patience James and Ezra ‘Buddha’ Masters as Hunter in the Cinemax series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles”.

Parlé: How does it feel to have your thoughts and words come to life through the actors?
Zane: It’s really great. Especially with the main character being loosely based on my real life. In this season, she is even moreso like me, a lot of things that occur are very close to things that happened to me. So, I’m going to have to be running! (laughs) I’ve always loved books and film and this just makes a lot of sense to me.

Parlé: All of your works are inspiring and empowering to women. Where do you draw that strength from in order to be able to give it to your readers?
Zane: I’ve always had a very strong opinion that women are undervalued in today’s society. At the same time, I clearly feel that they are equals to men. We’re doing things professionally, we’re self sufficient now more than ever. I still see a lot of women who don’t understand that and it’s almost like my personal plight to make them understand. It hurts me that women just accept anything. It’s my goal not only to explore strong women, but [also those] with flaws and teach them how they can overcome them.