[WATCH] Brian McKnight Gushes Over His Wife, Talks Final Album, ‘Exodus’

Brian McKnight
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On June 26th, Brian McKnight released his latest album, a 13 song project that sounds like everything R&B was, has always been and will always be. The opus may turn out to be the grand finale for the legendary singer, as he is calling this his final album, appropriately titled, Exodus.

We recently caught up with Brian McKnight to talk about the album among other things.  McKnight, who got married on New Year’s Eve back in 2017, opened up about his wife Leilani and acknowledged that Exodus is really an album full of love letters to her.

Check out the highlights from the Brian McKnight interview below:


Here are some of the other highlights from the interview.

Brian McKnight on…

His wife, his inspiration

Every song that I have written since we met, has been a love letter to her.  There hasn’t been any other subject to talk about, but her—the way she makes me feel every day, the things that we do, every day.  Something as simple as watching her doing her make-up at the sink is a song, EVERY DAY.  It blows my mind that she is an endless source of inspiration.

Being The Happiest He’s Ever Been

The person I’m sharing my life with, she is everything.  If I knew that she was coming when I was 42, I would have only concentrated on my career.  I wouldn’t have done anything else, matter fact, I don’t remember doing anything else.  I only remember back to the day that we met… I really, really love these last 8 years of my life.  It’s been the best years of my life.

Making Exodus His Final Album

I’m reserving the right, like M.J., maybe I’ll come out of retirement… But, it’s not really retirement because I’m still going to do shows, I’m still gonna write songs. It’s time to take a step back and look at all my options from a different view.

Watch more of the interview from the #CovidBars weekly series presented by Parlé Magazine, HERE.



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