[INTERVIEW] Chrystal Anderson & Sarah Martinico Introduce Gala Music, The Innovative Web3 Platform Changing The Industry

Gala Music
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GALA has a chance to become the future for music, artists, film, and arts industry as a whole. The leading Web3 platform has created a place where artists can interact with their fans and the community that are in GALA community.  With GALA Music, Film & Games, there is a a full focus on changing the direction of the entertainment industry as a whole!

Many artists of today are having trouble with owning the rights to their music, and having the full control of their drop dates, and their creativity when it comes to their art. But what if you were able to not only give yourself your own drop date, but also able to set your own prices for your music as well? GALA Music provides that and much more. 

The initiative behind the platform is to change the game in the industry.  They hope to do that by creating the best platform for both upcoming artists and current artists. 

In the current industry as it is, most artists will upload their music to different platforms which then will get spread across different Digital Service Providers (also known as DSP’s). But by doing this they aren’t sure how or where there music may reach and if they will own the rights of their music when completed. GALA does the opposite, it allows the artists and fans to connect one-on-one, which gives artists a more clear sense of who they are targeting and understanding that whatever they drop is theirs.

Chrystal Anderson, who is Head of Marketing in the GALA Music world, along with Sarah Martinico, who is the Marketing Lead, helped us understand the world of GALA and all that it has to offer.  

I am the Head of Marketing in GALA Music. It is one of the  entertainment departments in GALA. The GALA platform includes GALA games, GALA shows & GALA film. My contributions is leading our wonderful team in marketing initiatives aligning with our value property initiatives. Bottomline, we are always thinking of new innovative, fun & creative ways of advertising and/or marketing our platform. We have some amazing features that really comes together and markets our business to creators and fans. Creators meaning on the artist side or anyone who has the innovative touch who has a heart for music and merging the fan and artist relationship.  – Chrystal Anderson

I am the Marketing Lead for the music department, so I support Chrystal with all marketing strategies moving forward in GALA Music. Whether that is supporting the product strategy, the artist strategy or our events. In simpler words, I basically get into managing all of these strategies whether it is in public relations (how things are spoken/read), partnerships, sponsorships and managing our social media strategies. I guess you can say it’s kind of like product management meets marketing and I just bring everything together.  – Sarah Martinico

Parlé: How would you describe GALA Music?
Chrystal Anderson Gala MusicChrystal Anderson: GALA Music is a Web3 based platform. So the technology is based in blockchain which gives a very transparent, one to one artist to fan experience when it comes to releasing and consuming music. It’s a tool that artists use as a distribution tool for their music and their art. It is a way for artists and fans to connect closer or for fans to support the artists that they really love. I strongly believe that has been a challenge with current DSP’s.

Currently, we pay a subscription for Spotify, Apple music or Tidal and it is disbursed between the thousands or millions of artists that are on the platform, but doesn’t really touch the artist that you may listen to the most. The ones that you would want your dollar to go to. So GALA music is a different way of approaching that morality, its also a way for our artists to make more rewards or revenue from their art similar to what I was just explaining. Artists do not make a lot of money disbursing their music on current DSP platforms the way that they are structured, so this is a way for fans to give back to the artist that they love. By doing so, this helps the artist to promote their creativity, helps combine or connect with their core fan-base or the ‘super fans’, the people that are really championed and love and live by their music. As a music head, I know that music will always be a part of my life. We hear all time that music has saved many of us, so being a part of the changing, the revolutionizing and creating more equity is why I am happy to be a part of in GALA Music. 

Sarah Martinico: I think that is something that I still struggle with. The way I describe it doesn’t always translate to people. It’s very much the new decentralized way of supporting the recording artist or anyone who is in the arts. So it is a great way to retain your rights as a music artist and also engage with fans. So you can engage with fans through live streaming, through our community on discord, and we also have ways to interact on our platform where you can give people prizes that will show them that you are supporting them. It’s just a new way to keep the music industry going and support the arts. 

Parlé: How does a new artist get involved with GALA Music?
Sarah Martinico Gala MusicSarah Martinico: We actually have a new initiative, which Chrystal can speak to as well, but we currently have a self-service platform that went live recently, officially. It’s called ‘Artist Upload’. Once you create an account you can log into your account and apply. You will apply as an artist, currently it is a little bit gated because we want to make sure that no one is applying as someone who is fake or not a real artist, but once you get approved you can distribute your music on our Web3 platform. 

Chrystal Anderson: Yeah, it’s more of a direct way to release your music on Artist Upload which is a HUGE tech feature update that has really allowed us to broaden the kinds of artists or any artist who want to release on GALA. Currently, they go through Distrokid, Tunecore to all of these other DSPs but here its one-on-one. Right now we are still in beta, but  we are working out the kinks, just as Sarah stated we just released this new feature.

GALA Music has this really rich community so a lot of the feedback is super imperative to how we continue to update and rollout the features and make sure that there is something that the community, artist and fans love and need in the industry. Our self-service Artist Upload is live and anyone who is interested in joining GALA for their artist profile will get approved or they can also message about how to be approved. After the process of uploading your profile and approval, you will be able to upload your music and pick a release date. 

Parlé: How do you believe GALA Music will change the industry?
Chrystal Anderson: GALA music is changing the THOUGHTS around it. How we perceive and look at music and the value of it. I believe that is a big shift that GALA is approaching music with. They have people asking themselves, “What is the value of music?” Here, artists get to set how much their tracks are sold for and the community or fans (whichever you’re comfortable with it’s kind of interchangeable), they play into that. The community comes from GALA games or GALA background where the community is so rich in supporters of the technology and the echoes of GALA. Thus, GALA Music, that’s how we talk to our fans is through the community. Another way on how we are revolutionizing the thought around how people consume music, how they support music and how fans are doing the same. 

Parlé: How many artists and fans are currently in the GALA music community?
Chrystal Anderson: There are about 300 artists currently on the platform and growing everyday especially with the new Artist Upload feature so we are hoping that artists all around feel empowered to release on GALA. We’ve had a few notable partnerships that have helped launch the platform like Snoop Dogg, Earl Sweatshirt and a few that are coming down the pipeline that we are very excited about. We are also very excited to see how the platform diversifies in the kind of music. This week we are releasing two instrumental soundtracks from Razor, which is a GALA film project that will be releasing in a couple of weeks. Just looking to the future on how we are diversifying the pool of really novel content and artists, and music that comes to the platform as well. 

Parlé: What else can we expect from GALA and what are some of the future events that we should be on the lookout for?
Sarah Martinico: I am going to say broadly that we are really trying to push the needle in terms of innovation. Not only in the GALA Music space but in the Web3 blockchain space. So I think that we are really trying to be innovative and be supportive of the artists and also create a platform that really allows the artist to trust the music industry again. I think that is really key right now because we are seeing things in not just the music industry, but in sports with all of the layoffs that you don’t know what’s happening when you sign to big labels. Nowadays you have to ask yourself if you’re going to get the marketing support that you need. Many people ask themselves, “What’s happening with my contracts?”, “Am I getting my rights back?” It’s something that we are really looking forward to in the future. It’s trying to figure out how we can really push the needle and gain their trust, and hopefully be one of the first Web3 DSPs on streaming platforms. 

Parlé: Where can people find more information about GALA music?
Sarah Martinico: They can check out GALA Music website at music.gala.com. Of course we are on Discord and social media as well. If anyone wants to reach out to us personally that’s fine as well.

Image Credits:
Chrystal Anderson: Hadas Di
Sarah Martinico: Violetta Markelou


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