Author Coco Davis – Letting Nothing Come Before Her Passion

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Nicole Coco Davis is a sister, mother, wife & writer. She let nothing get in the way of her passion to write, not even being on lockdown.

Originally from Chicago, Davis was an outspoken tomboy who always had a love for writing. She went to school, where she studied real estate. Davis is currently serving a fourteen year sentence in a federal prison after a series of unfortunate events. However, the fourteen years are almost up. While serving time, Davis became a phenomenal writer of the novels, Chicago’s Baddest B—-, Unfinished Bizness, Fire and Flame, and 3 Brothaz.


A friend of Davis served time with her in a correction facility in Danbury, CT. Once she was released, she lost contact with her, but maintained contact with Davis’s god sister. The friend turned out to be Michele Fletcher. Fletcher started a publishing company, Davis made contact with her friend and went from there. Davis spoke with Parlé about her writing, her plans after being released and her latest projects.

Where are you from? What were you like as a child?
Nicole “CoCo” Davis: The windy city, wow it’s been a long time, but what I do remember is me being very spoiled and very outspoken. I loved to talk and run with my brothers. So you can say I was a tomboy.


Parlé: Who or what inspired you to write?
CoCo: I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I have always wanted to write. I just never could find the time to do it. So I guess I would have to say Michael Baisden, especially after reading Why Men Cry In The Dark. At that time I was on house arrest with nothing but idol time on my hand. The book was very, interesting as well as funny. I love reading his books, because he is an awesome writer. After that I continued to read book after book that’s when I decided to pick my pen and start writing.


Parlé: Is it hard not intertwining you personal life with the stories you write or have written?CoCo:  No. I have a vast imagination when it comes to creating characters from my stories. My personal life is my personal life. I try my best to stray away from that but don’t get me wrong. I have taken what I know about the streets and collaborated what I know into my writing.


Parlé: How long have you been incarcerated?
CoCo:  Nine years


Parlé: (If you don’t mind) what was the situation behind the incarceration? When?
CoCo:  Conspiracy to sell drug & money. The year was 1999, a day I will never forget


Parlé:  Is there an anticipated release date?
CoCo:  Of course, 2012 and I can’t wait


Fire & Flame book cover

Parlé:  Your novel Fire & Flame, how did the concept for the title come about?
CoCo:  My first novel was a book I wrote back in 2005 called Chicago’s Baddest Bitch. However the concept for Fire & Flame came about with my hairdresser, which by the way was a transvestite. He used to always compliment me on my clothes and say, “Coco you are the Fire, Flame & everything!” So one day I was sitting in the library and created a novel about twins with the name Fire & Flame.


Parlé:  Give us a quick summary of what the book is about?CoCo:  When their father calls the police on a local drug dealer, two little girls witness the brutal murders of their parents. Years later, the twins have spent their entire lives training and preparing as they ruthlessly pursue the killer. As beautiful as they are deadly, will love quench their thirst for vengeance or will it be the one thing that tears what binds them? Payback is a b*tch. This time it’s coming in pairs.


Parlé:   How’d you hook up with Michele Fletcher and her book company?
CoCo:  OMG. Well, me and Michele go way back. We both started our time over in Danbury, CT together. Once she was released I lost contact with her, however she stayed in contact with my god-sister over in Danbury. My sister wrote me and was telling me that Michele wrote a book called Charge It To The Game, and sent me fliers of the book. Not to mention she owned the publishing company. After that I got in contact with her and told her about the two novels I wrote, which by the way Chicago’s Baddest B*tch was in the process of being self-published by me. So we talked about Fire & Flame and we went from there.


Parlé:  When was the book written?
CoCo:  2007.


Parlé:  What been the biggest obstacle with trying to promote a book while in prison?
CoCo:  Well honestly speaking ain’t nobody going to grind as hard as hard as you will especially when it comes down to your own book. But my biggest obstacle with promoting was reaching out to other prisoner’s that I have met along this journey at other prisons. The prison doesn’t allow us to promote anything while we’re in prison. So I had to press the envelope a little harder in promoting this book by having my family and friends help me.


Parlé:   How has your family helped you since the release of the book?
CoCo: My family is and will always be my biggest support fan base. Without them who am I? They have helped me out tremendously with promotions and selling my books. Honestly speaking I think my sister can sell more books than the publishing company, when I left the streets, I didn’t leave people with a sour taste in their mouths. So when rumors spread that I had wrote a book. All they wanted to know was when it was dropping. A few music stores in Chicago had my back, as well as the radio station just to name a few. So right now the only obstacle that’s standing in my way is these prison walls, but it won’t be long now!


Parlé:  Are there any plans for a follow up book? If so what the book?
CoCo:  Yes. I’m just wrapping up a novel called FaceOff as we speak. The novel is about a young lady whose name is Nia, who meets the love of her life—so she thinks. After returning home from the military the man (Gotti) finds his mother out on the streets with no means of income. That led him back to the streets stealing cars and sticking up the local drug dealers. Nia is down for whatever, but things turn for the worse when she catches Gotti in bed with her home-girl not to mention sleeping around with her mother. Now she’s in a faceoff with him by following his every move and taking everything he worked hard to get even the woman he’s sleeping with. Stay tuned this book is off the chain.


Parlé:  What plans do you have once released?
CoCo:  My plan first is to get my family back in order and finding peace with my church. Then I’m off the ground running.


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