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David & Tamela Mann Are Setting The Tone For Family Fun-filled Reality TV

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David & Tamela Mann Are Bringing Their Southern  Realness To TV One With New Show, The Manns

David and Tamela Mann have spent almost two decades of their lives dominating the world of urban television. From Tyler Perry’s infamous stage plays and films to their own scripted TV series and family reality show, the two have effectively built an entertainment dynasty worthwhile. In 2015, the couple embarked on a new endeavor, premiering their very first reality show, It’s A Mann’s World. The thirty-minute docu-series originally aired on BET and focused on their daily lives behind the scenes while keeping a balanced blended family household. After two successful seasons of the show, unfortunately, It’s A Manns World abruptly came to an end. However, now, the Manns are back! This time around, the Mann family is opening a new chapter, bringing an all-new reality show to TV One, ironically titled The Manns.

Executive produced by David and Tamela Mann and Roger Bobb of Bobbcat Films, The Manns will offer a fresh look into the hilarious and hectic lifestyles of David and Tamela and their dynamic family. Between managing music careers, touring, photo shoots, and TV sets, the Manns must stick together to make it all possible, while showing viewers that day-to-day challenges can be overcome with faith and family.

“My relationship with the Manns go way back to Meet The Browns. Meet The Browns, the television series. My thinking was always, ‘We’re doing a sitcom and the funniest stuff is happening when the cameras aren’t rolling.’ So, my thought was, ‘You know, we have to let the world know who the Manns really are.’ Not playing a character, not David playing Tamela’s father. Just doing a show that shows them who they really are,” executive producer Roger Bobb explained when asked about his vision for the show.

“I’m also the executive producer of Rickey Smiley For Real, and I have a great relationship with TV One. I thought this fits into the brand because nothing is contrived with what we do; you’re getting real, authentic reactions, emotions, feelings, the joy, the pain, the love. Everything that says of faith, everything that’s involved in with being a Mann, you get that. I’m the kind of producer, I don’t want to produce contrived reality. I want you to experience these families because, if you experience them, it’s like being with your family, or, if you don’t have that kind of family, you want that kind of family.”

David and Tamela have been together for over twenty-five years. Together, the couple has four children. With a strong foundation and undying love, the duo has managed to stay afloat, personally and professionally, even in the midst of all the madness that comes with their lifestyle. The Manns will depict their fun-loving home life and their duties to keep everything filled with love and light at all times.

“We both support each other, one hundred percent, in what each of us loves. I think that makes it easier; we’re best friends, besides us being lovers and all that. We started out being best friends. You tell your best friend everything. I think it really just flows for us because we understand when you’re at work, you’re at work. We’ve learned to get an understanding when we are having a disagreement. We’re not trying to paint a perfect picture here, that we have the perfect family because we have issues just like everybody else. We just handle them a little different, without just going for the egos. We want to be able to love and get an understanding to whatever the situation is.” Tamela states.

However, though David agrees about the importance of getting an understanding with your mate, he makes it clear that Tamela is indeed the lady of the house and what she says goes….sometimes. “What she started doing was punching me in the stomach so nobody else could agree.” He jokes.

“Like she said, in all seriousness, we just genuinely love each other. Whether it’s out and about or hanging here at the house, we just love each other’s company. So, it really helps when it’s somebody you work with, together, all day, and you like them. We genuinely like each other.”

I can vouch to say that the couple’s love for each other is definitely evident in everything that they do. I also think the most admirable thing about chatting with David and Tamela was that they were very honest with their words and held nothing back. It was a joy to hear them feeding off of each other. It’s not too often that you find couples who have been married for so long yet acts as though they just married the day before. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

I’m quite sure that with their new show, The Manns, we will get to see all of that and more. Along with their reality show launch, the power couple is still going strong with, now, a season three of Bounce TV’s Mann & Wife. The series actually premieres the same night as The Manns. So, you’ll definitely get your full dosage of the Manns.

“What I call it is the Manns taking over. The Tuesday takeover. For me, it’s just ‘let’s take over Tuesday.’ First, The Manns on TV One, then Mann & Wife on Bounce. So, eight and nine o’clock, Tuesday takeover. I love it!” David boasts.

Tamela is extremely excited about both premieres. She says that it’s good to have both because viewers will get to see the different aspects of their personalities, on and off screen.

The Manns will premiere tonight on TV one at 8/7c!

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