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[INTERVIEW] ‘Flawless Icon’ Melanie Fields Shares Her Journey To Successful Entrepreneurship

Melanie Fields

Every success story is different. We had a chance to talk to prominent Miami business owner and Trinidadian native, Melanie Fields about stepping out on faith to transition from entertainer to med-spa owner.

Catch our complete interview with the successful entrepreneur below.

Parlé Mag: So, let’s jump right into it. I was super excited when I saw that you were born in Trinidad. That is one of my bucket list travel destinations.
Melanie Fields: I need to go back. That’s what I need to do. I was born there. But, I need to go back and check it out.

Parlé Mag: So, you moved over here when you were younger and have not been back?
Melanie Fields: Yeah, I came over when I was six. And have not been back due to immigration status. But, I’m good now. I came here at the end of ‘92. I never went back. I got my paperwork like two or three years ago. So, when I do get a chance, I do need to go back and check out my roots and where I was born.

Parlé Mag: Oh, absolutely. One of the things that I really loved when I was reading your bio is that you are not shy about your past as an exotic dancer. And I really love that because a lot of people, once they get to a certain level of success, they omit things. I love that you are forthcoming about your path to owning your business.
Melanie Fields: Right.

Parlé Mag: So, was being an exotic dancer part of the game plan to get your business in motion? How did you fall into that?
Melanie Fields: I got into that, because like I just told you, I came here at six. And with not having paperwork and laws changing, stuff like that, I wasn’t able to work anymore. That’s what made me go into that. No one asks for paperwork when you want to dance.

Parlé Mag: Hey, I hear you. Switching gears to talk about your business, Flawless Icon. I really love that name. What was your inspiration behind that?
Melanie Fields: Well, everybody has something that they don’t like about themselves or would like to fix. Instead of you looking at someone else and making them [your] icon, this is a place where everybody can come out looking like a ‘flawless icon’. When I’ve just finished somebody, I’m like, ‘Ok, now, you’re flawless!’ You know? And they walk out feeling like an icon, with their head up. They’ve got their confidence back. They look at themselves like, “Ok, she really cleaned up my neck. She really got rid of my razor bumps. She really helped my face.”

Parlé Mag: Amazing.
Melanie Fields: Just reminding people that they are flawless. That’s the name behind it. Flawless Icon. We all have flaws at the end of the day, and we’re working towards fixing our imperfections. And we’ll feel better about it, once we’ve done it.

Parlé Mag: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in starting Flawless Icon?
Melanie Fields: I would say that I was able to walk away. That’s an accomplishment. A lot of people can’t walk away. Literally, put my hands up and say, “I am done with it.” And to be able to still take care of yourself, financially. Entertainers, top entertainers make really good money. Your lifestyle is really high. You’re out spending money, you like to look a certain way. You make a lot of money, so you spend it fast. But, to be able to open my business and still be able to maintain myself, and to take care of myself, was like, ‘Wow I did it! I don’t need to go back to the club anymore.’ I was going back and forth to the club and then to work. I was able to leave that fast money and my business is providing, for my family. That is a really big accomplishment that I finally made it. People are knowing the name. I have a location in Sunrise opening. I just signed with Trina, the Miami-based rapper.

Melanie Fields
Parlé Mag:  That is so awesome!
Melanie Fields: Trina is going to open a franchise. That has been one of my biggest accomplishments, too, to actually be franchised. Not everyone can franchise their business. So, that was a major accomplishment, being able to walk away and to maintain myself and to still be in business, two years later. Not everyone can be open for two years and create this brand that everyone knows. Celebrities are coming to my spa. A celebrity is opening a branch. That’s a major accomplishment.

Parlé Mag: I didn’t realize that it has only been two years. Did you anticipate having this level of success so fast, so to speak? I know, to you, two years might not feel like a short amount of time.
Melanie Fields: A lot of people say that, “Wow, you blew up really fast!” I mean, I prayed a lot. I had a good support system, but no, I did not. I did not know it was going to happen this fast. I prayed and God took care of the rest. God put certain people in my life. I was blessed to be able to partner with my business partner, John, who is a lawyer. He gave me advice and advised that I franchise. It takes a lot of money to do that. It was well over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to franchise. I decided to do that, on faith. But, no, I didn’t think it was going to go this way. I just always prayed. Got on my knees and thanked God and ask him to guide me, stuff like that. It’s still not easy. I’m still growing. I’m still looking for more locations. When you’re trying to elevate yourself, it’s always gonna be a challenge. You can’t stay stagnant. If you’re like, “Ok, I’m comfortable where I’m at”, then you’re not challenging yourself. I’m growing. I’m moving into a storefront. Five thousand square feet, we’re franchised. It’s always something. But I didn’t know that it was going to be this big.

Parlé Mag: That’s impressive. Congratulations on achieving that level of success. I like that you just mentioned constantly changing and evolving because a lot of people once they reach that first level, become complacent.
Melanie Fields: Right

Parlé Mag: And they’re content where they are with no drive to keep pushing themselves. It’s awesome that you have that drive. And the faith to know that, basically, nothing is impossible. Obviously, to have this much success with happiness from your clients, continuous support, and the ability to franchise you have to have a really good team. How did you go about assembling your team or recruiting people to come and work with you?
Melanie Fields: Um, that’s not easy either.

Parlé Mag: [laughs] I can’t imagine.
Melanie Fields: Having a team isn’t easy because everyone isn’t going to care for your vision or go hard for your vision. But, like I said, God put people in my space that are solid. They’re not going anywhere. Everybody under that, are employees and stuff like that so you may have to deal with someone who may say, “I’m not coming into work tomorrow.” But, that’s your brand, so I do have a strong core which I know for sure God placed them in my life. I don’t know where they came from, other than my business partner. I was able to get my general manager and everyone else. We are the head core; we are solid. God definitely put those people in position to help me. We’ve been partnering for over a year now, and it’s never been an obstacle.

Parlé Mag:  Talk to me about the services you offer? I saw laser hair removal, skin tightening and teeth whitening.  What am I missing?
Melanie Fields: Tattoo removal, cellulite treatment, botox fillers, spider vein removal, vitamin therapy. We also have some anti-aging products, that have been moving very well, too. We also do facials.

Parlé Mag: So, you are full on, full-service spa.
Melanie Fields: Yes, we also do microblading, lashes. It’s a one-stop shop that you can stay for three hours. Get your stomach snatched. Get your legs snatched. Get your eyebrows snatched. When we get to our new location, somebody might be doing hair there, and you’ll never have to leave Flawless Icon. [laughs]

Parlé Mag: Hey! Do it, ya know? DO IT. That’s a good way to expand the brand. If you build it, they will come. That is something I have learned.
Melanie Fields: Yes, exactly.

Parlé Mag: I did see the skin care pills on your site and social media. Talk to me about that.
Melanie Fields: Those are one of our most popular, as of right now. It’s an anti-aging supplement so it gets rids of free radicals, slows down the aging process. It has vitamin C which helps with our immune system. So, it’s been one of our most popular items here. We have some people that use it for skin brightening as well. It’s been booming. And we’ve been sold out a few times. It’s the celebrities best kept secret for staying young and having pretty skin.

Parlé Mag: I saw that on your Instagram page too. Not just promoting your products but promoting good skin care routines. What do we need to know about developing a good routine? And natural things we can do to fight the aging process?
Melanie Fields: A good routine, definitely to wash your face, day and night. Your face produces its own oils. Wash your face with warm water, using a nice cleanser. Then when you’re done with that, you’re going to want to close your pores using a cold rag. I use ice cubes. It helps to strengthen the pores, keeping the skin tight, and increases circulation.

Parlé Mag: Ok, I’m learning something! I didn’t know that.
Melanie Fields: Yeah, it closes the pores. Because, guess what? You have to put on makeup after. So after you close your pores, you put on a moisturizer to put that seal protection over your pores. Use a moisturizer with some sunblock. And then you put on your makeup. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you do everything all over again: wash with a cleanser, close with ice, put on your night cream and so forth. A good skin care routine is one of the most important things in skin care because makeup and other environmental things that come in contact with our skin can cause aging. It’s a lot of stuff penetrating through our pores that’s not supposed to be there and can be really harmful.

Parlé Mag: Thank you, I’m looking forward to it. Is there anything else you want us to know about Flawless Icon and what you have in store for this year?
Melanie Fields: Well, Flawless Icon is black owned. I am a black and female entrepreneur. It is really hard to find a black owned med-spa with the type of services that we provide. We cater to all skin types. If you look on Instagram we do laser treatments for African-Americans and Caucasians. We have Asian clients. We have Hispanic clients. We don’t discriminate. Being black owned, we have a variety of clients that come in here, celebrities as well. We’re franchised, not everyone can say that. You have to be a really big brand and solid to be franchised. We have three locations, right now and we’re growing. We’re moving to a new location that will be the Flawless Icon headquarters where potential franchisees will come in and check us out.  It’s a one stop shop. And we’re trying to make the new location be the Saks Fifth of Spas. You can come in here and you’ll get the lash girl. You’ll get the best laser girl. It’s gonna be the news; it’s gonna be everywhere!

Parlé Mag: That is awesome. Yes, SPEAK IT! Speak it, until you see it. That is how it gets done.
Melanie Fields: Yes, absolutely.

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