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Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks Talks Embarking On Solo Career

When Hip-Hop fans hear the name, The Cool Kids, they’ll recall the members, Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks, true Hip-Hop emcees. Those who might not know, may think they’re just another hooligan Rap group making ratchet music. You couldn’t be more wrong.  In an effort to find their identity, the two men who formed, The Cool Kids, decided to forge their own separate paths, focusing on solo endeavors, at least until further notice. To start on a new foot Mikey Rocks altered his name to Sir Michael Rocks and is doing a good job of flying from the nest. He released the mixtape, Lap of Lux and the follow-up, Lap of Lux 1.5 with the release of an internet single, “G.E.D.” The Chicago-native recently linked up with fellow Chicagoan Rockie Fresh at his show in New York City. Not only is he trying to find his musical identity, he’s trying to build a fan base apart from The Cool Kids.

Parlé Magazine got a chance to chop it with the cool kid a day after his performance on a frigid night in NYC. He talked about the so-called break up, his passions and the release of his next EP, Banco.

Parlé Magazine:  Well first and foremost, The Cool Kids allegedly broke up, what’s that about?
Sir Michael Rocks: It’s a big misunderstanding, we didn’t break up and there wasn’t any fall out or anything like that. We’re just doing solo things right now to increase our own profiles. There was a lot of people that knew the group but didn’t know about us individually or the songs. This is basically us establishing ourselves individually and I think when we do that we’ll be bigger separately, then when we come back together it’ll be bigger.

What do you hope you’ll gain from the separation?
Sir Michael Rocks: After a while you become so comfortable working with one person that you can’t learn anymore. Now when you’re forced to break off and work differently you learn new things about your craft and yourself. I think when we come back and do something together, he’ll be able to teach me new stuff and I’ll be able to teach him new stuff.

Parlé:  When you released Lap of Lux and Lap of Lux 1.5 was that to prove the theory of separation?
Sir Michael Rocks:  No, because before that I released four other mixtapes. I look at it as a stepping stone as for me shaping my sound. Those tapes are the ones that had the biggest response and downloads. I don’t think that I’ve reached my potential yet but I think it was good way to show off what I can do. My next project is going to solidify what I have to bring to the game.

The next project is the EP, titled Banco, correct?
Sir Michael Rocks: Yeah, me and my team put our blood, sweat and tears into it. So it’s going to be a showcase of what I have to offer to the game and a showcase of my talent. As far as what it sounds like, it’s me, it’s fly, I like partying, turning up, ladies, it’s that type of stuff.

Sir Michael Rocks
Sir Michael Rocks is still a ‘Cool Kid’

Parlé:  I hear you’re bringing it out under Curren$y’s Jet-life imprint?
Sir Michael Rocks: Curren$y saw me hustling putting out consistent work, he lent a hand and gave me a platform so I can reach more people. It’s like a movement or an affiliation, it isn’t a label or a contract situation. The ball is in my court to take the exposure that he has given me to another level. Jet-life is like a collaboration on a big scale.

Parlé:  You rocked the show at SOBs with Rockie Fresh the other day, how did that come about?
Sir Michael Rocks: I’ve known Rockie for a few years now, he’s from the same part of the city I’m from. We share a lot of the same fans and we decided to team up for a show of this caliber and put on for our city. He asked if I wanted to come rock and I couldn’t turn that down.

Parlé:  Now that you’re forging your own path, how would you define your style of music?
Sir Michael Rocks: My music is just cool. I’ve been growing, evolving and figuring out my sound as a solo artist. I think I nailed it on the head with this new mixtape. I don’t like to the same things over and over again. I’m a Capricorn, so we can go from one side to far on the other side and I think my music reflects that.

Parlé:  Is the goal to stay independent?
Sir Michael Rocks: Definitely not. I plan on continuing to expand my buzz until I can get to a level where I can make that move. The thing with that is, as long as the team is strong you can succeed no matter what. Being independent has taught me so much about working on your own. A lot people get their major deal off of their hard work and use the deal for assistance. We’re going for the independent hustle with the major label force behind us.

Parlé:  Tell me about the decision to switch the name?
Sir Michael Rocks: It comes from Mikey Rocks, when I started doing solo stuff, I tweaked it a little bit. I wanted people to think of something different because the music is not the same as when I was with the group. It’s not really a name change but a different type of feel.

Parlé:  What’s next for you building your brand?
Sir Michael Rocks: I’ve been doing a lot of designing on the fashion side with a line called Mariani. It’s partly mine and partly someone that I’m partnered with, I want to continue to grow that. I think I have future in fashion for sure and I’ll definitely put my time and effort into that. I want to get into acting, starting with my own stuff. Fashion, acting and music are my passions. Banco is coming in the Spring and it’ll be my best project so far.

Parlé:  We look forward to it.  Thank you for your time.


Images by Reggo Wilson for Parlé Magazine


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