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10 Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring the motherhood in many countries of the world. It is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May. In the US, this red-letter day falls on Sunday, May 13 in 2018. Since 1914, this touching holiday has become one of the most adored days in every American family.

Mother’s Day is a bright and merry day when we can express our deep thankfulness to mothers and remind the dearest and closest persons about our love, respect, and appreciation.

Our life begins with mother’s smile, touch, voice singing a lullaby, unique smell, strong and gentle embraces. These are our most precious memories. Motherhood is a vocation, wisdom, and self-restraint. It is not easy to be a mother and she needs our support when we grow up.

On Mother’s Day, young children are traditionally drawing cards, making hand-made articles, dedicating poems, singing songs or cooking breakfasts. The most important point is your attention and care on this day. The grown-up children can prepare some gifts to mothers in advance. So, how to express our gratitude to the most important person in a gift? Below are 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that can be useful for you.

Mother’s Day Gift ideas

1. Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is always a gentle way to show your attention. Probably, any bright spring flowers can be one of the best Mother’s day gift ideas for the woman who wants nothing. Red or pink carnations would be a vivid expression of our best wishes and gratefulness.


On this day, wearing a carnation flower is a tradition in the US. Here, the color of the flower matters. The pink or yellow carnations say that the mother is still alive. The white flower is pinned to clothes in memory of the departed mothers.

2.  Lip Balm and Lip Scrub Gift Set
Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Tanzi Beauty
This essential set includes 3 useful items made of natural ingredients for women’s everyday care: lip balm, body butter, and face scrub.

The lip balm heals cracks on lips, keeps them healthy and emphasizes the natural appearance. The face scrub keeps the skin smooth and removes irritations. The body butter moisturizes the face skin and clear away wrinkles. This is the best set for beginners. Thanks to the well-selected formulas and recipes this product serves for preserving the natural beauty of the face skin.

The gift set for lips care is the perfect way to let your mother know how much you love her beautiful smile.


3.  Bath Bomb Gift Set
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
This set for bath or spa is a product of natural vegan oils and herbs. It is rich of Shea, Lavender, and Coconut extracts to deeply nourish the body skin, soften it and reliably protect it for a long time. Every bath bomb has its strong fragrance. Additionally, the product has a longstanding aroma effect. No need to use any lotion after bath. It is free of GMO or gluten ingredients. Let the woman relax in the tub after homework.


4. E.L.F. Skincare Starter Kit
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
This is a face care gift set for everyday use. It has tubes with the skin cleanser and moisturizer and a container with an illuminating eye cream. The woman’s face skin needs to be constantly cleansed, hydrated, and nourished with vitamins for the healthy and beautiful appearance. The kit also protects the skin from negative external effects and prevents skin aging. It is good for all types of the skin, dry or oily.


5. Aromatherapy Oil Gift Set
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
This gift set comprises 6 most popular aroma oils by 10ml: lavender, lemon, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and sandalwood. These are the great oils for any diffuser and humidifier for good therapeutic effects. For centuries, aroma oils used to improve health and wellness. They reduce a headache and pain in the body, helps in the cases of sinusitis, and moisturize the skin. The given oils have no harmful ingredients. They are vegan and organic.

6. Funny Mother’s Day Gifts
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
A funny and lovely porcelain coffee mug or a T-shirt with a kind inscription dedicated to the Mother’s Day is a great gift. It is possible to select one of the cute inscriptions, such as For the Best Mom Ever, I’m Your Favorite Child or This Lady Is My Awesome Mom. Be sure, mother will greatly appreciate such a gift and she will be very happy.

7. A Book for Loving Mom
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
An interesting and useful book is always a perfect gift for any occasion, and especially one of the great Mother’s Day Gift ideas. Your mother will surely appreciate Note to Self by Gayle King, Feeding a Family by Sarah Waldman, The Art of Discarding by Nagisa Tatsumi, Happy Family by Tracey Barone or a simple book with cooking recipes. You can also get her handwritten cards with her book to make the perfect companion.

8. Pendant Keychain
Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Many pendant keychains are available on the Internet, both simple and expensive ones. All depends on how much you can spend for this kind of gift. Also, the inscription can be funny. All in all, the keychain is an allusion for home and family. Home should be filled with joy and happiness. Every mother enjoys her own home. Let her be happy here.

9. Special Candles
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
No matter how you usually call your mom. She is a special woman and deserves a cool gift for Mother’s Day. You have an opportunity to order a homemade candle with an inscription and fragrance upon your choice. Does your mom love rose, gardenia, lilac, magnolia or jasmine? A variety of delightful smelling fragrances are possible to select.

10. Jade Bracelet for Mom
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
One of the best Mother’s Day Gift ideas always comes from the heart. You can make homemade gifts for mom yourself or order a cute handmade gift, like a jade bracelet of natural stone. A great combination of green jade and beads of different colors makes this bracelet a memorable and unique. Beads rolling on the hand create a pleasant sound. The accessory for mom can be different, colors and details may vary. All important that this is made for mom with love.

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