All About Jewelry and Gemstones

Jewelry and Gemstones

The earth is endowed with a variety of gemstones which are differentiated as precious and semi-precious. All these shimmer and sparkle when designed to be valuable and treasured jewelries. While most gemstones are popular, there are also those that are unknown yet carry a high-prized value. Gemstones are basically classified in different factors and characteristics such as clarity, optical nature, crystal structure, chemical composition, gravity and durability.

Precious Gemstones

Of all the different gemstones, diamonds are considered as the highest in terms of prize and value. Diamonds certainly vary color, size and style. Other precious gemstones are emerald, ruby and sapphire. These types of gemstones are also processed and manufactures as jewelry products which are less costly than other gemstones like topaz and zircon.

Semiprecious Gemstones

Semiprecious gemstones include the following: agate, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx and turquoise. Amber is considered a semiprecious stone with an organic origin characteristic which basically is a fossil tree resin. Corals and pearls are termed as useful gemstones, however they originate from animals rather than an earth mineral.

There are actually 2,000 natural minerals available in the phase of the earth and only less a hundred are used as gemstones. From a hundred gemstones, only 16 of them are considered popular. Examples to these are beryl, diamond, garnet, jade, opal, quartz, topaz, tourmaline and others. There are also unpopular names of gemstones and these are alexandrite, bloodstone, aventurine, coral, jasper, chrysoprase, moissanite, kunzite, moonstone, pearl, obsidian, peridot, tanzanite, rose quarts and tiger eye.

Gemstones are considered as wealth for many people even in earlier times. The more gemstones a person has, the wealthier he or she is. By knowing all these valuable types gemstones, you can which among them is best in terms of investment. Hence, the value of precious gemstones appreciates over time.

Perfect Jewelry Items for Important Events

For any occasion or important event, jewelries are considered essential accessories that complete a perfect outfit. Selecting right jewelry for an occasion is not as simple as playing roulette in wearing the right kind of jewelry for a particular event, you have to make sure that this matches well with your clothing. Jewelries are there to enhance further your appearance, however, they have to be the right pick in order to make a sensible fashion statement. For sure, the availability of gold, silver and natural items can be found everywhere that finding one is not that difficult. It is necessary to choose the right jewelry for the right occasion.


Accessorizing your outfit during weddings is important. Do not accessorize too much if you are wearing a complicated outfit such as a lacy dress or printed clothing. Simple gold or silver necklace, earrings, ring and anklet can be worn. You can either use one of these or mix and match these items but make sure they do not overpower your dress. Being a guest during a wedding is not to outshine the bride. Thus, simplicity is the best way to create your fashion statement during this event.

Business Meetings

Basically, a business meeting is participated for the objective of discussing business problems and financial issues and not about your outfit and jewelry. In this particular scenario, you should do away from the traditional jeans-and-sneaker outfit. Pick a decent business attire from your closet such as dark plain blazer and skirt or tailored pants and combine this with a medium high heeled formal shoe wear. For your accessories, a good watch, a simple ring and discreet earrings are perfect for your business outfit. Avoid wearing complicated gems and noisy bangles that may distract your business partners.

Job Interviews

Looking for a job is considered an essential part of every individual’s file and everything starts with a job interview, being the most important part for any pre-employment procedure. You must create a good impression to your interviewer by wearing the proper outfit. For any job interview, business attire is the best thing to wear. Avoid plunging neckline and other revealing outfits that may distract your interviewer. A decent watch, a simple necklace paired with an earring and a ring are just enough to complete your outfit. Do not wear dangling earrings since these will start to shudder when you are in a trembling state due to too much nervousness. Hence, this part is obviously seen. Same is true with noisy bangles and complicated bracelets. These are just distractions during your interview.

Keep in mind that dressing out appropriately during any occasion is the best way to show respect to other people. Wearing more jewelries is not a way to impress other people especially your boss or interviewer. Put on your wedding ring (if this is the case) or simply keep your jewelries to a minimum.

Fashion Jewelry for Luxury Travel

It is undeniable that jewelries will always be the desire of every woman. For any occasion, jewelries are the best accessories that will complete a fabulous outfit. It is a fact, though, that jewelries are not cheap. They often have a high price value especially if it falls under the precious metals or gemstones. Jewelries are always part of any occasion whether it be in a place within your city or an out of town celebration.

When you are traveling out of town and cannot do away from bringing your jewelries, you need to determine the place or destination you are going to. One common example of out-of-town trips is going to the beach. For some who are off for a Caribbean vacation or beach getaway, you can bring with you some elegant yet simple fashion jewelry of your choice. You don’t need to bring those heavy, complicated and very expensive jewelries for a beach vacation. Simple but elegant light-weight jewelries are best to have. Some examples are thin necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Simple jewelries are nice accessories when you going to have a dinner by the beach. Hence, the concept of pearl accessories evolved in through ocean products.

Elegance is simplicity is the rule of thumb. Heavy and flashy jewelries look good for the right kind of occasion. Walking around the beach are with these kinds of accessories are very inappropriate and unsafe. These can be better worn in night parties such as going to a club or bar.

In order to look chic for a luxury trip, you can wear simple necklace with a small pendant and matching earrings. Another option is your favorite bracelet which you consider as a lucky charm. Nothing is more elegant when you wear something that is matching. Gold and silver jewelries that are matching are best for any luxury travel.

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

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