Are You Familiar With These Bracelets?

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China has a traditional custom of wearing bracelets since ancient times. Bracelets are one of the most important jewels in Chinese culture. The profound Chinese culture makes it rich and colorful. Nowadays, there are more and more styles of bracelets, not only can it be beautifully decorated, but it also has a role in promoting human health. Oftentimes when people think about bracelets they think about custom name bracelets, and while those are one of the major bracelets, there are many other kinds.  

What are the common types of bracelets?

  1. Solid bracelet (chain bracelet)

These kind of women’s bracelets are a kind that everyone likes. The advantage is that the main part is solid and has a groove type, but it does not affect its wear resistance. The gold is soft, so it is very important to bear the wear resistance. The bracelets of this kind are generally more than 20g, with many styles and patterns. The new styles’ bottom is linked by chains, which can effectively prevent the wrist from flattening the bracelets when the wrist contacts the plane. These bracelets are suitable for people who have certain requirements on styles. These bracelets are not easily deformed and are very durable. They are very suitable for everyday wear.

  1. Hollow bracelet

Hollow bracelets are one of our most common styles. Many people have seen or bought them. The advantages of this kind of bracelet are obvious. It doesn’t take much gold to make a large surface, and it is suitable for sending people infinity name necklace. But the shortcomings is very fatal: not suitable for daily wear. Because the gold is small, so the wall is thin, it is easy to flatten without paying attention, and the squashing is not repairable.

  1. Hollow out bracelet

The weight of the hollow out bracelet is generally around 20~30g. It is all hollow, the weight is not big, and there is a hollow in the middle. Advantages: there are certain styles and not heavy, suitable for ordinary people to wear. The disadvantage is that if the middle is hollow, the wall of the bracelet is hollow. We still need to pay attention to it, especially the bottom, which is easy to be flattened.

  1. Thin round bracelet (solid or hollow)

This kind of bracelet should be specially mentioned. There are two common styles of glossy and embroidery. This kind of bracelet does not have an opening, it is suitable for women with thin hands. Generally, young girls can wear more, and it is not easy to lose after putting them in. This kind of bracelet usually has to buy 2~3 pieces to wear together to look good. It is slightly monotonous and suitable for thin women.

  1. Solid flat bracelet (telescopic mouth)

Solid flat bracelets are mostly smooth, embroidery and other styles. The advantages are: solid wear resistance, not easy to deform, deformation can also be restored, wide distribution of weight, it can be said omnipotent. This kind of telescopic mouth bracelet, the hand is too thick to wear as the telescopic space is limited. It is rarely selected for marriage because the style is too simple and the surface is not too big. But it is suitable for daily wear. Disadvantage: There are restrictions on the style, it’s not that fancy. The winding wire of the both sides is very fragile, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance.

  1. Telescopic round bracelet (solid or hollow)

This kind of bracelet is generally about 20~30g. Advantage: it is thickened on the inner wall, not easy to be flat. The heavier the weight, the thinner the bracelet, the thicker it is. Quite a lot of people don’t like flat bracelets because some are not comfortable to wear while round bracelets are not, so it is suitable for sending children picture necklace. The disadvantage is that although the inner wall is thickened, the strong impact will still let it deform. It should be noted that this kind of bracelet is almost not solid, there is such a need to be customized, the same size and weight will cost almost double.

  1. C-shaped open bracelet

The shape of the bracelet is like a “C”, easy to wear, stylish and suitable for different ages.

  1. Garlic bracelet

The garlic bracelet is an open bracelet. There are two round things bulging out at the opening, just like the garlic. Although the name of the garlic bracelet is tacky, it has a classical temperament on the hand. Gives a feeling of cleanliness and elegance, and the two garlic can be of great use, helping to fix the wrist and prevent the bracelet from slipping off.

  1. Silk moon bracelet

“Silk moon” is indeed lives up to its name, the style is as elegant as the name. The middle of the silk moon is slightly sunken, and the edges are convex, which has a sense of design. Silk moon bracelet is popular in Europe and America, with concave surface treatment, it is not easy to scratch. Surfaces are concave, so most collisions are avoided.

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