Beat Insomnia with These 5 Medical Strains

Medical Strains for Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Whether you’ve been clinically diagnosed with insomnia, or just cannot get enough shut-eye at night, you may be able to find relief with medical cannabis. There’s only so long you can battle on with reduced sleep at night and copious amounts of caffeine in the day.

Tackling the problem at its source and improving your sleep pattern through non-aggressive, non-addictive natural means may make a much bigger difference than caffeine and pharmaceutical sleeping tablets ever could.

In this article, we are going to showcase a few strains which have been cultivated to produce cannabinoid profiles conducive to combating insomnia and giving you the peaceful and proper night’s sleep that you deserve.

We’ve all had feeling where we go to work in the morning and are seemingly as tired as you were the night before. It’s usually the result of lying in bed for hours on end trying desperately – but with no success – to get to sleep. And the longer the struggle goes on, the worse it gets. However, there’s no reason to go through this mental anguish any longer. There are several strains of marijuana that can eradicate your nightmares, relax you and put you in the ideal state to drift off to sleep.

Because getting a full night’s sleep is about more than just not feeling tired the next day. A lack of sleep can lead to reduced productivity, memory impairment, mental health difficulties and perhaps even obesity. Furthermore, there are studies linking neurodegenerative disease to sleep deprivation. The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster was attributed to workers not having enough sleep, and drowsiness causes around one million car crashes in the United States every single year. The Harvard Medical School says that mortality risk is increased by 15 percent among citizens who get, on average, less than five hours sleep per night.

CBD bud and indica-dominant cannabis strains are credited for being effective sleeping agents, thanks to the deep levels of relaxation that they bring to the consumer. Instead of sending caffeine through the bloodstream, why not ingest an array of powerful, therapeutic cannabinoids into the body that can nurture the endocannabinoid system and more to provide natural relief. Here are five superb medical strains for insomniacs. You can buy CBD buds from

1) Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is a delightful indica strain renowned for inducing sleepiness. A cross of Afghani and Blackberry, this strain produces purply nugs that justify its name. Blackberry Kush reduces stress by stopping the spread of cortisol, and many users rave about its effectiveness at eliminating nightmares and other scary night-time moments.

The only downsides to this strain are dry eyes and dry mouth, but you’ll be just fine as long as there’s a glass of water close by. Blackberry Kush has pungent, fruity flavors that make it delightful to smoke. Simply kick back, blaze a joint of this beautiful herb and enjoy that quality night’s sleep you’ve gone too long without.

2) Northern Lights

Many PTSD patients are waxing lyrical about Northern Lights, an indica-dominant strain that’s best used in the evening. PTSD is a debilitating mental disorder that can make sleeping a frightening experience, as the brain bombards with nasty nightmares and reminders of past traumatizing experiences. However, Northern Lights is allowing patients a permanent break from those symptoms, as it reduces stress and induces pleasant, albeit measured happiness. This strain won’t make you euphoric as sativa-dominant CBD dabs would, but the full-body physical high it delivers is just the tonic if you’re trying to trance out and switch off. Get your hands on CBD dabs from

3) Tahoe OG Kush

A hybrid strain that’s gained popularity thanks to its anti-insomnia properties, Tahoe OG Kush is more euphoric than some cannabis meant for sleep. This is due to the higher concentrations of THC that come with a hybrid. However, the euphoria is balanced beautifully with indica-inspired sedation.

The anecdotal reports on Tahoe OG Kush point to this strain being rather potent, which is unsurprising since it has ‘OG’ in its name! With that in mind, perhaps watch your dosage if you’re a novice user. But with a bit of experimentation, Tahoe OG Kush just may become your new evening favorite.

4) Tangerine Dream

A top-notch couch locker, Tangerine Dream is the indica-sativa hybrid that you’ve been waiting for. Anticipate a lovely mix of euphoria and relaxation with this strain, that will break down your worries and concerns piece by piece until they’re a distant memory. This mental freedom helps get you in the perfect frame of mind to wind down and get to sleep.

Sometimes, the sativa properties of Tangerine Dream can induce a short-term energy boost, so it may be best to take this strain an hour or so before bed, to allow the stimulation to wear off and the sedation to take over. A 2010 Cannabis Cup winner, Tangerine Dream is also good at combatting depression and busting stress.

5) 9 Pound Hammer

Another potent indica, 9 Pound Hammer could be the most long-lasting strain on the list. The ideal remedy for sleepiness and physical irritation, this strain has wonderful mentally-relaxing effects too – for example, it helps to slow down the racing thoughts that occur all too often when you’re trying to settle down. 9 Pound Hammer has slight euphoric effects, although the body high of the indica mostly masks them. That said, it might still leave you feeling a little giggly, making for some comedic dreams!

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