28 Days of Black Authors: Meet Chenell Parker

Chenell Parker
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Although Chenell Parker may be the author of You’re My Little Secret, her gift of gab on the pages is no secret to the book industry.

The New Orleans-born novelist’s extensive imagination has garnered her thousands of readers and a number of chart-topping books on Amazon.

What started out as a hobby has turned into a top-notch hustle for Parker, with each and every story being a highly-anticipated release. From the jaw-dropping twists to the heart-shattering turns, Chenell Parker is truly in a category of her own.

Plot by plot, the illustrious writer delivers the unexpected and the unpredictable, switching it up just enough to pull you in but still sticking to her classic style.

Undoubtedly, Chenell Parker continues to pen the best of the best, and her pen just so happens to be one that we’ll never grow tired of.

Take a look at some of our favorite Chenell Parker books below!


Chenell Parker Conflict of Interest book cover


Deception is a dangerous game but Grayson Armstrong didn’t agree with the rules. Having endured trauma in his own childhood, honesty went a long way with him. He respected anyone who lived in their truth but he had a remedy for those who didn’t. His entire life was a closed book that not even his best friend, Yesinia Bridges, had ever read.

Yesinia had dreams and becoming an attorney was one of them. Admittedly, she didn’t make the best decisions but befriending Grayson was one of the greatest. Her best friend didn’t think that he was worthy of love until she came along and showed him otherwise. She thought that nothing could ever break their bond but life had a way of proving her wrong.

When hearts are broken and trust is stripped away, will Yesinia and Grayson be able to overcome their obstacles? Secrets have a way of being revealed in the most unlikely ways and not everyone will walk away unscathed.



Chenell Parker I Can't Let Het Go book cover


Love at first sight is cliche but that was the only way that Santino “Tino” Dixon could describe his feelings for the beautiful Kimora Carter. At only sixteen years old, Kimora was wise beyond her years but the four-year age gap was an issue that her older sister, Kimiko, could not ignore. Being the patient man that he is, Tino decided that Kimora was worth the wait. He kept his word to her sister but he stayed close to the young beauty who captured his heart. There was only one thing standing in the way of him having his heart’s desire – Venus, his girlfriend of two years.

Venus loved Tino almost more than she loved herself. All she wanted was her happy ending but outside forces seemed to always derail her plans. Her best friend, Zoe, lived the life that she desperately wanted for herself and she was willing to do whatever necessary to get it.

When lies are told and truths are revealed, it’s hard to decipher a friend from a foe. Find out what happens when enemies are disguised as loved ones and nothing or no one is who or what they appear to be.



Chenell Parker Her So Called Husband book cover


D’Andre “Dre” Mack is torn between two women. Cherika, his wife and mother of his kids, has held him down through thick and thin. However, Alexus, his side chick, is the one who holds his heart. Cherika loves Dre with every fiber of her being and she is not going down without a fight.

Meanwhile, Alexus questions if loving Dre was a mistake from the start. Dre’s cousin, Keanna, has an agenda of her own, but whose side is she on? After all is said and done, who will be the woman standing in this suspenseful, jaw-dropping love drama?

Find out what happens when lies are told and secrets are revealed in this enthralling beginning series of Her So Called Husband.



Chenell Parker You're My Little Secret book cover


At eighteen years old, Brooklyn Andrews is nothing more than a naive college student. Being the youngest of five and the only girl, she is sheltered from a lot of things that most girls her age experience, including boys.

That is until she meets Dominic. Dominic Roberts is a young, handsome businessman who owns a profitable trucking company, along with his older brother, David. When the two meet it’s hard to deny the attraction that they have for one another and it doesn’t take long before they act on what they both feel.

The only thing standing in their way besides Brooklyn’s brothers is Kennedi, Dominic’s fiancé. Kennedi loves Dominic with all her heart, but Brooklyn is slowly making him rethink if marriage is what he really wants. Will Dominic drop his fiancé and make Brooklyn his number one or will she continue to be his little secret?



Chenell Parker You're The Best Part book cover


Gianni Porter:

Life! It’s been one let down after another but I’m not one to complain. I’ve lost more than I’ve gained but still, things could be worse. I’ve lived my best life until life started getting the best of me. With no place to live and only a car to call my own, I’ve had to make some tough decisions. I learned at a young age not to depend on anyone, family included. Instead of crying about what I didn’t have, I made the best out of what I did have. Love was nowhere in the cards for me before I met HIM.

I tried to run but I was never fast enough. After a while, I slowed down and let him catch up with me. He didn’t know my past but he didn’t judge me once he learned about it. He had my back, even when I wasn’t around. That’s loyalty. He had my best interest even when my own family didn’t. That’s love. He told me his innermost thoughts and I told him mine. That’s intimacy. Even after having his own heartbroken once before, he still opened up and let me in. That’s trust. I was a small piece of the puzzle that he was trying to put together. And as he always said, I was the best part.


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