Spice Up Your Games! 7 of the Best Ways to Play Bingo

Play Bingo

Bingo is a crowd favorite in nursing homes because it’s famous for being a straight-forward, relatively mellow game. This doesn’t mean, however, that bingo has to be boring.

There are many ways to add spice and variety to a bingo session.

Keep reading for 7 fun ways to play bingo that won’t put your audience to sleep.

  1. Choose a Theme

Bingo doesn’t have to be played in a bland way.

Implement a theme to your bingo night. You can print out safari-themed cards, or dog breed cards, or travel cards.

Base your entire bingo game around the theme. Some places even do drag queen bingo, where everything has an extra dose of fabulous.

  1. Serve Food

If you want to make sure people are having fun at your bingo game, serve appetizers and drinks.

The alcohol will keep people at the edge of their seats waiting for their number to be called.

If you don’t want to serve alcohol, coffee and tea are also great at perking people up.

  1. Incorporate Trivia

Get people’s es minds moving by incorporating trivia questions into bingo.

Every third number you call, take a break and ask trivia questions. These questions can be based on your theme or general knowledge.

Tally up who gets the most trivia questions right and give them a prize at the end.

  1. Use a Different Word

Shouting “Bingo!” is fun, but it can get boring after a while.

Switch things up by having people scream a different, silly word.

Try “mongoose” or “onomatopoeia.” This will make people laugh and keep them guessing as to what the word of the day will be.

  1. Switch Up Your Prizes

Don’t give the same prizes at every bingo session.

People will grow bored and be less motivated to win. Try something new like a gift basket full of objects from local businesses.

  1. Pump Up the Music

The right music can enliven any bingo game.

Play music in the background that will build the anticipation as people grow closer to bingo. The type of music will depend on your crowd and theme, but take some time making a playlist.

  1. Play Bingo Online

If you’re unable to host a bingo game in person, try playing online.

Playing bingo online will give you another perspective on how it works and what makes it exciting.

Try this Bingo Scanner home to best bingo sites to see online options.

Now You Have Seven New Ways to Play Bingo

We hope these new ways to play bingo have inspired you to change up your bingo game. 

Remember little things like music and food can turn a bored crowd into an engaged one. As the host, it’s important you always keep the energy up and keep people excited to hear you call the next number.

Enjoy this bingo guide? Read our other articles for more tips on gaming. 

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