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Famous Celebs Involved in Car Accidents

Famous Celebrities Involved in Car Accidents

No one ever thinks that they could get involved in a car accident until it happens. Even celebrities have had their fair share of car accidents over the years, some due to circumstances they were accounted for, and others due to the negligence of others. Here are some celebrities who got involved in car accidents –  some fatal, and others not as deadly, but still as shocking.

What you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation

Before we start the list, you need to understand that even when those celebrities walked away with an injury or none at all, others were injured or died because of such accidents. Sometimes, people injured in such situations are hesitant to get legal aid to ensure that they get any compensation, when it is their right to do so.

Based on legal advice on https://www.myinjuryattorney.com/new-jersey/car-accident-lawyers/, you don’t have to fear payment for legal aid except after you receive what you rightfully need as compensation for your injuries. If you are ever involved in a car accident, do not hesitate to ask an attorney about the steps you can take for compensation. 

Now let’s get to our list of famous celebrities involved in car accidents! 

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus was once in a horrendous accident. After leaving an R.E.M concert, he was hit by an 18-wheeler, which threw him out of the windshield and left him unconscious. He was lucky to find himself waking up in the hospital. Unfortunately, he had to have four screws inserted in his nose and one of his eye sockets permanently removed, and replaced by a titanium one.


James Dean

This well-known actor had his life cut short in a car accident, after he had bought a vehicle a couple of weeks preceding his premature death. What was so shocking about the accident, other than the fact that he was so young, was that one of his fellow actors warned him that he’d be dead by the end of the week if he drove that car. Of course, his colleague was only half-joking at the time, but it was still a grim, yet spot-on, prediction. 


Tracy Morgan

This actor and comedian were not involved in one, but two, car accidents. One of them led to the death of his comedy collaborator, while the other was thankfully minor and left no one hurt. In 2014, he was on a limo bus with his friend, when out of nowhere, a Walmart truck crashed into them. The second accident was not so long after buying a new Bugatti in 2019. The only injury sustained was to his new car and bank account after having to pay a fine. Thankfully, the actor walked away with his life after both.


Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a car accident that led to the death of the driver of a Lexus she rear-ended. The Lexus was pushed by that action into oncoming traffic causing multiple collisions between cars, leading to the death of the driver. Caitlyn was not caught up in the collision and was unscathed.


Kanye West

This famous rapper was not so well known when he was involved in a car accident that left his jaw wired shut after being shattered. However, this fateful accident was what led him onto the road of success after it inspired him to release his very first single. We probably wouldn’t have known who he was if he hadn’t been in such an accident!


Brandy Norwood 

Brandy Norwood also rear-ended a car, just like Caitlyn did. The car she crashed into was pushed into the way of another car; and unfortunately, the driver did not survive the accident. There was a four-car collision due to that rear-ending but Brandy was not sued for the accident. However, she had lived with a lot of guilt for many years afterward, even though she was cleared from any fault by the authorities.


Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman, which many people all over the world know and associate with great movie roles, had to be airlifted to a hospital after a near-fatal accident. He had to be treated for several serious injuries after being transferred from the site of the accident that occurred because the actor went off the road while driving.

Celebrities Involved in Car Accidents

Now that you realize that even famous people have been involved in accidents, too, you should take preventive measures to protect yourself, and report a car accident as soon as it has happened. While car accidents cannot always be prevented, protective measures can be taken to make you, as well as those around you, safe.


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