The Gift of Giving (And Receiving)

Gift of Giving

Here we are in December, this most special time where we allow ourselves to purchase gifts and give to the ones we love.  That is the gift of giving.  Whether single or in a relationship, our hearts are full of this spirit of giving during this time of year. This is when we give ourselves permission to purchase that which we know our friends, family or partner has been needing, wanting or just wishing for all year.

We’ve been taught that being patient and waiting for what we want is a good thing. But I’m asking you to consider this – What would it look like if you gave as much every month? I’m not saying you are to buy things all the time, I’m asking you to consider showing your love by very simple actions.

Listen – Men and women need and want someone to get them, to give the time to really be present. This does not mean you are to fix the problem, to come in and rescue the situation – BOTH men and women do not want that, they want to be heard. We all have innate intelligence and when there is space allowed between what we communicated and the quiet in between, there is where we access answers. If, however, the person seems stuck, let them ask for help and give them the best present you can give, belief in their ability to find a solution to the problem.

Touch – We are undernourished in this society – and I don’t mean food. We all need to feel as though we exist and we matter. Touching, a simple gesture of a hand on a shoulder, a hand clasp, or a hug communicate so much more than words can. Virginia Satir said it best ““We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” We don’t stop needing touching after we’re adults. I think we need it just as much if not more to continue our psychological health.

Doing for another – We’re all observers in our lives and in the lives of significant others. We can see if the trash needs taking out, the dishes needing to be washed, the bathroom cleaned, the floor vacuumed.  Those are just the basics, but how about when groceries have been shopped for & come home or if someone is tired after a long day – if we have it within us to give, then help. I’m not saying jump in at every opportunity that presents itself, just because it needs to be done – to do what another person can do for themselves is enabling. We all need to feel our own personal strength and self-sufficiency.

What I am saying is you can make dinner or after the person is finished snow blowing the sidewalk make a nice hot cup of coffee or chocolate and hand it to them. Give because it feels good, creates harmony and a warm bond between those you care for.

Just show your Love when you see a moment that presents itself. Love is a feeling and an action; see if you can combine the two at least once a day and all year ‘round.

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

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