How to Avoid Scam Casinos in 2022

We are blessed with plenty of high-quality online casinos. With online gambling becoming regulated in more regions across the world, the best online casinos are expanding and attracting new players. However, even in 2022, you must be aware of scam casinos. You can always start by checking if the online casino is regulated in the United Kingdom (or the country you’re playing from) by the Gambling Commission, but below we have some more tips to help you avoid scam casinos. 


Check the License

When you land on a casino, the first thing you must do is look for the licensing details. Using Platincasino as an example. The licensing information can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the website and it is clearly displayed in the footer. Additional details include the fact that the brand is operated by a company incorporated in Malta. So, all the information is clearly displayed and you know this casino has the license required to operate in the UK. Scam casinos will not have this information clearly on show. Legal and trusted online casinos must obtain a license for the country in which they operate. This shows the casino has been assessed by the regulatory group and they have deemed it safe and fair to operate. So, when arriving at an online casino for the first time, always scroll to the footer of the website and check the licensing details. If it is not available, it could be a scam casino and you are advised to leave and look elsewhere.


Always remember Customer Support

If you run into any problems at an online casino, you will need the customer support team to help. However, we recommend contacting customer support before you begin playing games at an online casino. The top online casinos all offer a live chat service. They may not all be 24/7 but they should be open for at least 12 hours each day. Before you deposit money and begin playing games, you should contact customer support using the live chat feature. If they respond to you promptly and are happy to answer all your questions, you know you are going to be looked after when playing games at the casino. If there is no reply and you are constantly asked to send an email because there are no operators available, this is a red flag. If live chat is offered, it should always be available during the listed times and not a bot. If you are always getting a bot instead of a human being, this is a sign of a poorly run online casino and one you should avoid.


Be wary of huge bonuses

Bonuses are fantastic and you should always be aiming to take advantage of the promotions when joining an online casino. It is easy to be tempted to join an online casino purely based on the bonus but if they are offering a significant amount of money, more than most other online casinos, you should read the terms and conditions thoroughly. On the face of it, the bonus may look tremendous but there could be several clauses that mean you are unlikely to see any of the bonus in your account. Scam casinos will invoke one of the clauses in the small print to prevent you from accessing your bonus funds or winnings. Avoid this by always reading the terms and conditions before you make your first deposit.


Trust external reviews

Finally, to avoid scam casinos in 2022, read online reviews and player testimonials. There are many helpful review websites providing honest reviews about online casinos and players also contribute by reviewing their own experiences. This is a safe way of finding out if an online casino is legitimate.

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