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Bowling: One of the Best Group Activities in Werribee

Group Activities in Werribee

When talking about group activities in Victoria, Werribee should not be left out. This is because there are numerous things to do in Werribee that will surely be a fun-filled activity for any group or team.

Werribee is a suburb in Victoria that is located approximately 32 km south-west of the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne. This makes Werribee an ideal place even for people coming from interstate because it is easily accessible either by car or public transportation.

Among the top things to do here is bowling, and believe it or not, there are quite of few benefits to enjoy from bowling. Here are some of the top reasons why bowling in werribee is one of the best activities to engage in.

An Activity to Improve Teamwork

If you have not played bowling before and have only seen it on the internet or television, it is quite common to think of it as an individual sport. However, bowling can be a team sport wherein players could work together and practice cooperation.

Bowling is an excellent team-building activity compared to other conventional sight-seeing activities in Werribee. Visiting the Werribee Open Range Zoo, the Mansion at Werribee Park or Point Cook RAAF Museum are great places for observation, but it does not help promote team-building the way bowling does.


Unique Sport

Werribee is home to indoor sports centres that cater to individuals who would like to learn or play popular Australian sports. Some of the common sports played in Werribee include cricket, football, and netball. However, if you are not fond of these sports, bowling is a great alternative.

Bowling is quite a unique sport since it could either be played individually or as a team sport. Unlike the sports mentioned above that require moderate skills to play, bowling only requires minimal skills, and you don’t have to be athletic to do it.


Safer Alternative

Werribee is a great place for adventure junkies who would want to experience the outdoors. This is because it is home to excellent hiking trails, which include Werribee River Park, Gorge State Park, and Werribee River Trail. However, not everyone might appreciate this type of activity because of safety concerns.

According to an article by Arrive Alive, individuals could experience health emergencies while hiking, which includes dehydration, heat exhaustion, falls, and injuries, to name a few. Fortunately, bowling provides a safer alternative.

While playing bowling, you don’t have to worry about one of your groupmates experiencing dehydration or heat exhaustion as temperatures are maintained at ideal levels indoors. Injuries and falls are quite rare, especially if played in bowling alleys with exceptional safety measures such as Timezone.



Engaging in group activities such as playing golf in Werribee Park Golf Course or racing at Werribee Racecourse can be quite expensive that might not be as enjoyable as playing bowling.

Bowling is a group activity that is far more amusing compared to playing golf since the former is not as formal and social interactions are highly encouraged. Playing bowling is also an activity that won’t break the bank since only costs a few dollars, a fraction of the cost of playing golf or racing.

Bowling as a group activity or team-building exercise is undoubtedly a great alternative to the traditional group activities in Werribee.

It is an excellent way of providing positive reinforcement within your group or team that can help them improve their interpersonal relationships. Hopefully, this article has helped you realize the advantages of bowling in Werribee and maybe now you’ll give it a try.

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